Can My Compromised Yahoo Account Stop Receiving Mails?

Posted by kate willson on November 21st, 2017

Yahoo email services have been offering superlative services due to the amazing features embedded in it. But with the security breach that happened twice in 2016 has spoilt the reputation of this email service provider to a huge extent. As 500 million account got compromised due to loopholes in Yahoo email security, people are left nowhere. All their emails are lost with important documents attached within and the majority of those are financially ruined as it was a sheer bad luck that took those users apart.

Yahoo has warned users several times to secure their email account from any unprecedented activities that may be executed by scammers or cyberpunks. With the features like two-step verification and account key, Yahoo has made things to explain to the web world that they are entirely not responsible for the email accounts of users which have been hacked all of the sudden due to improper security layer offered to the same.

As Y! Mail users lack knowledge or skills, they have no options to secure Yahoo email account using 2-step verification or account key. With no proper assistance offered by Yahoo customer care, things have become quite worst when it comes to offering immediate help desk services when it matters the most

Had official Yahoo support phone number been available on the web, it could have been quite easy for email users to get much-needed assistance when it matters the most to them. As Yahoo account has been compromised, users are scared that many of the known ones in contact list might not be aware of the same and keep sending important messages.

With no options available to step incoming messages in Yahoo mail, users actually are frustrated as it's not at all easy to convert the message to each and every person in the contact list for sending messages the users in the contact list are quite large in number which is actually difficult to manage. None of the users have any idea in Yahoo community and forums to fix such critical problem related to data being completely insecure with emails keep landing in the compromised Yahoo account.

Users, generally feel disappointed due to the absence of authentic Yahoo tech support number which was supposed to be available online for immediate assistance. Had customer service experts for Yahoo been offering phone support, it could have become quite feasible to deal with such issues by taking appropriate guidance.

For the user’s convenience, Yahoo Inc has offered comprehensive support to the users in terms of protecting the essential, document from sudden theft. There are certain measures to stop receive important email messages in compromised Yahoo mail account.

  • Submit a request to Yahoo Inc to delete email account along with a specific reason
  • Block Yahoo email address by adopting certain procedures
  • submit a request to deactivate the account
  • Use third-party software application and send a common message to the contact list that your email account has been hacked.

These strategies can be quite helpful for you to stop receiving messages from the contact list in your email address. In case this problem still troubles you and email messages keep getting accumulated in the hacked Yahoo mail account instead of what you have provided then contact tech support engineers working at autonomous customer service organizations where you can get comprehensive assistance in minutes just by dialing third-party Yahoo customer support number.



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