Measure the resistance of material with Testone Impact Testing machines

Posted by Testone on November 21st, 2017

Testone specialized in material testing machine manufacturing, we supply wide range of testing machine to various industrial purpose.

All TESTONE series load frames are designed to provide higher stiffness and precise alignment for testing everything from medical devices to high-strength composites. Rigid mechanical design ensures the best possible conditions for repeatable test condition and reliable results.

Auto Impact Testing Machine

Model: TO-AI-50

- Testing machine is to determine the impact strength of the material or product.

- Using high precision sensor the impact of specimen is possible to direct and the impact hammer can be easily adjusted by program.

- It is applied to the brake system for preventing the repeats impact.


  • Capacity - 50 J
  • Lift Angle - 0 ~ 175˚ (Adjustable)
  • Impact edge Type - R 0.8mm, 75˚
  • Envil Angle - ± 60˚ (Adjustable)
  • Envil Moving distance - 0~150 mm (Adjustable)
  • Brake Type - Pneumatic Type Brake System
  • Motor - AC Servo Motor
  • Control Type - Axis Stepper & Servo Motion Control
  • Control. Accuracy  - Angle: 0.1 % Distance: 0.1 %
  • Data Sampling Rate - Max 10 kHz
  • Main Power  - 20 V 2 P 60 Hz
  • Weight - About 700 kg

Drop Impact Testing Machine

Model: TO-DI-100

- The testing machine applies a repeatable impact for the evaluation of the impact properties of the product.

- Test to be dropping weight using on height of a free fall set and it is design by high-durability.

- Dedicated Software is easy to apply data analysis and management.


  • Drop Weight - 500g ~3 kg
  • Drop Height - 300 ~ 1500 mm
  • Driving System - AC Motor & Ball Screw
  • Accelommeter - Capacity: 300 g, Linearity : ± 2 %, Gauge Type : Strain gauge Type, MP: DC Method, ±5 V, Auto Balance
  • Auto driving System ( Drop height )
  • Auto Drop System (Electromagnet)
  • Data measuring System (Accelommeter)
  • Max. 10 kHz data sampling System

For more details contact We also offer servo hydraulic universal testing machine, coating inspection instruments, and so on.

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