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The 4 Myths That Surround the Use of Human Growth Hormone

Posted by RonWilliam on November 21st, 2017

Hgh or Human Growth Hormone

The pituitary gland in our body is responsible for the production of the HGH (Human Growth Hormone), and that is what allows numerous functions of the body such as bone health, muscle mass growth, controlled insulin levels, ability to retain calcium in the body, cell fabrication and overall bodily growth. As we grow old, the gland starts to secrete the hormone is lesser quantity thus allowing the body to witness lesser flexibility and a slower pace.

With science touching greater heights with each passing day, the possibility of the intake of the HGH externally through supplements and injections has become a trend amongst several. With celebrities coming to the forefront and endorsing this treatment, it is known to curb ageing as well as aid muscle growth despite the age. While there is synthetic and natural hormone added to the body, there is always this debate on whether it is right for the body or not.

There are numerous myths surrounding the intake of Human Growth Hormone, here are few decoded for you.

Erectile Dysfunction


Myth 1 – HGH doesn’t prove to be an anti-ageing treatment

For those who are of 60 years and above, ageing doesn’t just mean drooping skin and the inability to move about with flexibility. It also means the reduction of muscle mass and the inability to retain fat in the body. With HGH or Human Growth Hormone supplements from Balance my Hormones, the body is known to be able to gain muscle mass and fat retention skills all over again. Simply the intake of this hormone would do no effect unless one complements it with the right diet and the exercise. While all of this is taken care of in the right way, it aids in effective anti-ageing.

Myth 2 – There are zero risks involved

Stating this to be a myth can be controversial as for those who endorse it would disagree with it. You cannot simply walk into a medical store and ask for over the counter HGH supplements or injections just because you have an acquaintance using it. There is the need for the right medical supervision where there are necessary tests conducted which allows the experts to decide on the type of supplements your body would need and how it would respond to the additional hormone supply. Things can go haywire when you avail the hormones intake without any prescriptions.

Testosterone for Women


Myth 3 – There is no evidence of people benefiting out of HGH intake

Unless and until there are proven results, no clinic or expert would advertise or market these supplements. It has been proven time and again that these hormones come to use effectively but doesn’t have the same reactions for all. Bodies have different ways to handle external elements and accordingly react to the HGH. When it comes to looking out for similar traits in those who have availed the treatment, you won't get to see the same results.

Myth 4 – The HGH is only limited to those who are bodybuilders

Well no! It isn’t so at all. Bodybuilders who intend to retain their structure for long can no doubt make use of it, but it can also be used by others who intend to flaunt their body for long. Celebrities, sports personalities, fashion models, etc. can also make use of these hormones. For those who intend to witness regular sexual activities with their partners and intend to last for long with their performance, they too can avail such help.     

Resource Box – The author has had experiences with availing aid from experts that specialise and associate themselves with HGH or Human Growth Hormone.  

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