Audi Navigation Systems: The Answer To All Your Travel Problems

Posted by williamriddle on September 29th, 2011

Having an Audi sit idle at home is the biggest crime ever. This is a superb car which should be utilised to the fullest. Considering this, it is of little surprise that Audi owners are generally people who love to travel. The combination is a raw power, luxury and reliability is what leads many customers to purchase an Audi. However, an Audi with an Audi navigation system can be a real dream comes true. Audi navigation systems are in a class of their own. They are extremely easy to use with simple controls, and understandable icons. There is a big screen on the console which helps the driver with directions as they drive. Audi understands that looking repeatedly at your console might not really be a safe way of driving. Therefore they have also provided voice prompts and a mini display above the trip computer which can be easily seen by the driver without taking his eyes off the road. These features make it extremely easy to find your way no matter which new city you are in. After all getting lost while you have your own personal instructor right next to you is a little difficult. The voice prompts gives extremely accurate directions and starts giving instructions like ‘ Right turn coming ahead’ a little before you actually need to turn, thus getting lost is difficult indeed. In order to reach any new destination you just need to key in the city’s name, important land mark or the place that you want to visit. The Audi navigation system has a perspective map display which is possible because of a bird’s eye view present in it. This helps a driver get oriented with the place that he is at and where he needs to go. It also provides you with a fair idea of the distance that needs to be covered. Audi navigation systems come equipped with a CD player, Mp3 player and stereo. These are integrated along with the navigational features. The sound quality is also good and all Audi navigation systems are compatible with both Bose and non-Bose stereo systems. The beauty of the Audi navigation systems lies in the great thought that has gone in for the safety of the driver. The LCD display screen bears testimony to this fact, it turns blank once the car starts going at a speed greater than around 3 miles per hour. This feature, along with the voice prompt and mini display is all ways to ensure that the driver does not get distracted due to the Audi navigation systems. Audi navigation systems can add immense value to your car. They are definite value for money and a great addition to an already superb car. Vagnavs is an online store that has a variety of Audi navigation systems. An Audi navigation system can be thought of as an investment that would pay great dividends in the future.

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