What is an impact screwdriver?

Posted by Shauna Allen on November 22nd, 2017

Haven’t you seen of thick bodied screwdrivers? It is kind of thick screwdriver which rotates screw easily to the socket and inserted with a downward pressure! So you got a little idea what impact is created on these screwdriver bits!! Will share with you what I understood on observing and getting details from the mechanic!

Even some of the screws which are hard to remove or corroded inside are removed using this impact screwdriver. By switching to opposite direction highly torqued screws can be pulled up from the sockets. So the actual process is like the hardcore outer sleeve covers the inner region which is typically splined to it. So as you hit the top head with a hammer this spline acts on the inner shield and the high torque results in rotation of the tool in just the opposite direction hence loosening the screw. The same process can be used in the counterclockwise direction to tighten the screws. This screwdriver reduces the tendency to cam out means as the torque is applied by the hammer on the head this won’t easily get slipped off from the screw head. Best for Philips Screws.

You can see the nose of this driver got 1/2 square socket which fits variable sizes of impact sockets! Got a hex adapter for fixing onto Philips and slotted screw heads! This driver is being used to work on hard to reach or hard to operate screws at any region making it an easy tool for many fasteners! You know even I tried out removing one of the pinhead hard frozen screw!!

Don’t worry about your delicate hands getting hurt as this got a good cushion comfort grip for easy holding while fast working. Also, this kit normally comes with Philips screws, slotted head screws and an adapter which easily fits the 1/2 square socket.

I say the person who made this tool is really great and got detailed thinking!

Yankee Screwdriver – How do they work

Haven’t you notice a spiral ratchet in your grandfather’s toolkit? Hmm since I have come across one in this kit I thought to understand more about this spiral screwdriver-YANKEE! This is actually a traditional great working tool being seen about more than 100 years and works 100% perfect.

A screwdriver to drive out any nasty screws which are hidden deep inside brackets of any gadget or furnishing! A slight push on the head will drive a spiral motion along the shaft, helps to either remove or tighten the screws. This driver is best for reducing the hand motions especially the wrist twist you make to loosen or tighten a screw! Got some idea??

Yankee screwdrivers don't need to be recharged or triggered by a magnetic source. A push on the handle which compresses the spring turning the bits. Okay, this forms a wooden handled driver with outside sleeves that form around the solid shaft that criss-cross around spiral-shaped grooves. As the handle is pushed forward, the shaft acts on the spiral grooves which creates a rotational motion in the forward direction on the Yankee bit. This motion starts driving the screw. With the help of the spring inside the motion can be brought back to the start position. A three position slide on outside sleeve helps in using this screwdriver to extract screws or use it as a normal screwdriver!

These screwdrivers were used to remove the screw from cordless, window blinds, etc. Once I watched my grandfather fixed a broken hinge of the backyard door with this screwdriver. Then I figured out this screwdriver drill holes and at the same time screws the bits! Very comfortable with hands and a quiet tool. Don’t get confused by spotting a Yankee without spring, as some models are designed without spring and to differentiate it from spring model it got two digit number at front whereas for spring models there is 1 printed at the front!

So are you looking out for a cheap, comfortable and quick screwdriver for drilling as well as driving screws? Go for Yankee!!

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