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Posted by adairsawyer on October 5th, 2011

Many people go through this confusion – should I buy my medicines from an online pharmacy or should I continue visiting my old chemist like always? The next time you need to buy prescription drugs ask this question to yourself. And ask yourself one more question. Should you buy your medicines from an American drug store or a Canadian drug store? Surprised that we came up with this question? Visit any Canadian pharmacy online and you will know why this question was raised.

The biggest benefit of a Canadian drug store is that they sell medicines at a lower price. And when we say lower price we mean prices slashed by half and more. Surprised? This is a fact. For almost all the patented prescription drugs, the amount charged by any Canadian pharmacy is much lower than any American pharmacy. There are websites where you can compare the price of medicines in the USA and Canada and you will be amazed finding out the results. It is no wonder that so many Americans now shop for their medicines from some or the other Canadian pharmacy online.

You may want to ask why a Canadian pharmacy online and why not a physical Canadian drug store. Well, if you are close to the Canadian border you can afford to cross it and buy your medicines from Canada. But this is not possible for those that stay in the other parts of the country, thousands of miles away from Canada. These are people that buy their medicines online and they always have a positive experience buying their medicines from Canada.

What does the law of the land say about this? The law of the land doesn’t say that you cannot buy your medicines from some other country. As an American citizen you may buy your medicines from Canada or Brazil or Mexico or Germany or wherever you want to buy them from. Hence, if you buy medicines from a Canadian drug store the law of the land doesn’t prosecute you. And the Internet has anyway turned the whole world into one village. So, buying your medicines from a Canadian pharmacy online should be no hassle at all.

You may be worried about the quality of medicines being sent to you. After all, you are not visiting a store to buy your medicines when you deal with a Canadian pharmacy online. However, bear in mind that Health Canada keeps a strict check on the quality of medicines being supplied by any online Canadian drug store. No Canadian pharmacy will ship you medicines without them being tested by a licensed pharmacist.

So, don’t worry and make your first medicine purchase from a Canadian pharmacy online. Any Canadian drug store today sells medicines to thousands of American customers and they are all very happy with the kind of service they get. When, at the end of the year, you calculate and find that your spend on medicines has been halved, imagine what all you can do with the extra money.

Buying your medicines from a Canadian drug store is always beneficial because of the money you can save. A professional Canadian pharmacy online always ensures that they ship quality medicines when you place your order with them.

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