Felony DUI Can Bring an Arrest

Posted by AnnaSimpson on October 6th, 2011

DUI arrests are on the rise. Many people are being ticketed and arrested for DUI. Many places have a zero tolerance for DUI or DWI and will arrest you on the spot. A felony DUI can happen if you have been caught more than once, not showing any remorse, blood alcohol over the limit and if death or injury occurs. This can bring a lot of problems home to roost quickly. Drunk driving or impaired driving is not tolerated and if you are caught, the penalties can be quite high even for a misdemeanor.

DUI is one of the things that people are most arrested for.  DUI arrests of this sort will be on your record regardless if it results in a felony or not. Unfortunately, many of these DUI cases do become felony DUI. This happens usually because the person arrested has had more than a couple of DUI’s on the record at this point. They can also become felony arrests if the BAC is over .08 or if there is injury and/or death due to the negligence of driving drunk or doped up. This is serious business and should be treated as such.

Oftentimes a person is not able to think when they are drunk or on drugs. This almost always leads to DUI arrests. Reaction time is a lot slower than if you are not impaired. This can almost certainly become a felony DUI if you are a repeat offender. Each city, municipality or state may have different laws as to what pertains to a felony charge with DUI. However, you should be prepared if you are caught like this to find that they charge you with both. Some places have no tolerance for anyone being under the influence while driving.

While DWI is the more serious offense in many places, DUI can also be very serious to deal with.  DUI arrests have climbed in recent years due to a police blitz usually near the holidays when most DUI offenses happen. This is not, however the only time that felony DUI can happen on the road. All it takes is an impaired driver and an accident being caused with serious bodily injury. This is oftentimes when it becomes more a felony and less a misdemeanor.  Woe to the person that is a repeat offender. This is when you could be looking at serious jail time.

The truth of the matter when it comes to felony DUI is that you could be spending a lot of time in jail or prison depending on the severity of the crime. This would go on your permanent record and can cause a lot of problems later on. DUI arrests can be devastating. When this happens, you need an attorney skilled in defending DUI cases. They will be the best judge of what charges you could possibly be facing. They can also defend you from the charges as long as you are honest with them about those same charges.They are your best resource to fighting these charges against you.

If you or a relative is under DUI arrest or charged with felony DUI then you will need a qualified and experienced defense attorney to represent you in a court of law. Click on the links to learn more.

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