Top Pooja Items Available Online That Must Be at Your Temple

Posted by Nandigifts1 on November 22nd, 2017

A traditional Indian home is never quite complete without a temple for Pooja. One of the most important aspects of Indian religious tradition is the fervent worship of the deities, which is a part of their daily routine for most people. It doesn’t matter if your temple is grandiose or simple as long as you have the following top pooja items.

Tulasi Real Rose Incense Stick

Incense sticks are staple items for Hindu homes not only because of their fragrance, but also because they offer many unique and practical effects. During prayer, the incense sticks help relaxes the mind and clear out the thoughts, making one ready for the meditative ritual. The combination of tulasi and rose creates a scent that relieves the overworked brain and regulates the breathing pattern. The incense sticks can bring peace to you and the family as you sit together during sacred activities.

Mina Chowki

A mina chowki (a table-like platform) can also have much use for your temple. It is among the top pooja items because it can serve as the base of the temple itself or as a base for religious statues as well as other pooja items like incenses, candles and food offering. Smaller mina chowkis that are too short for the pooja temple can be used as platforms for your deities, elevating them among the other pooja items in your temple.

Double Swan Bowl Set

Pooja often involves an offering of flowers, water, and food. What better way to present these offerings meaningfully than putting them in a double swan bowl set? The double swan represents a spiritual symbol, making your pooja more purposeful and sacred. It also adds to the beauty of your temple while serving as practical containers for your other pooja items.

Sambarani Dhoop Cups

Aside from incense sticks, dhoop cups are also among the top pooja items that you should put in your temple. It creates light during pooja while are driving off negative energies. This calm and cleans the atmosphere for peaceful pooja. The sambrani content of the dhoop cups also gives off a wonderful scent that lingers in the home.

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