Posted by wethechic on November 22nd, 2017

Though I feel from the core of my heart that I am not at all very influential nor am I manipulative, but I think everybody needs a personal space for themselves in order to think properly or may be just for relaxing. You can always pursue your hobbies but what I do is watch television series and there is no particular mood for that, I do watch them when I am gloomy or I am happy or I am in a mixed emotion form I do enjoy them.

Breaking Bad

I would now love to center this article on a particular television show which is one of my favorites and I feel that everyone especially the youngsters should give it a try. Breaking Bad (created by Vince Gilligan) is one of the hugest rated television show. It’s an inexplicable approach and each season leaves you with a conundrum of what’s happening next. It’s not just a show it’s a profoundly inexplicable experience. The whole TV series concentrates upon the fact that being avaricious leads you nowhere. In Breaking Bad we get to see metamorphosis of a protagonist into a full-blown antagonist.

As I will be giving a sort of synopsis in order to elaborate my vision. Breaking Bad (Merchandise) a story of a chemistry prodigy who suddenly transforms into a drug dealer who has resigned to the fact that he is going to meet his makers soon because of him being detected with cancer, so he decides to die in harness. He ceases to understand the difference between what is right and what does he actually wants. He used to love his family with more than what he had and he wanted to leave enough money for his family so there is no hindrance in their comfort even when he dies. But as he realizes that how delectable the evil tastes, he quits his high road and takes the ‘forbidden wrong turn’. A person who couldn’t even kill a fly before was murdering humans in cold blood.

The writing of such a magnificent plot is highly appreciable and I feel that people should watch it because it’s a different kind of blow to our thought process. It’s not that these situations do happen daily but we cannot even totally accept the fact that these doesn’t happen at all. It has a strong message to convey that money is not everything we need and when we run too much towards it, it’s going to snatch away affection, love, support, happiness everything that is fundamental to our survival. The direction is breath taking and so it would be a loss, if people miss out on such a marvelous plot. The cardinal fact is that the disease didn’t kill him as much as his attitude and the profession he further adopted which brutally stabbed the personality from within. Sometimes people make mistakes and their conscience sway them to choose the wrong path. So basically, it’s better to get high on a show like Breaking Bad than on Meth.

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