Diluted Water-Based Solutions - For Effective Odor Suppression

Posted by alina ben on November 22nd, 2017

Remediation and construction work sites are the breeding ground of harmful odors released from contaminated soils. They are basically noxious organic odors or hazardous VOCs. Odor suppression is important to enable workers to work without any disruption.

The VOC- ‘What is it’ and measures against it?
The VOC i.e. volatile organic compounds are organic chemicals that are disastrous for humans. To prevent the emitted foam from spreading, a dilute solution is sprayed over the soil surfaces to protect the workers and people living nearby and to control the odor. The dilute solution is effective in locking the organic chemicals in the soil that eventually suppresses the odor against spreading. The solution can be used even in windy conditions and during active excavation.

The process and applications
The odor control solution is applied with backpack sprayer, pressure washer and fire hose. The solution is sprayed on the soil that is exposed to air, till the time it is saturated. You can apply the solution again if the soil turns dry or if the odor continues to spread. In areas where active excavations take place or large work areas, you can apply the solution using multiple pressure washer systems. The diluted solution is effective, safe to use and does not cause any kind of harm. Industrial contractors, fire departments, environmental engineers and contractors, oil production, refining and distribution companies, and water and power utilities use the diluted solution for various purposes like odor suppression, spill clean up and tank cleaning. The solution is nothing but a formulation of non-ionic surfactants and performance additives.

The diluted solution has various advantages like -

Clears away hydrocarbons - The diluted solution pulls out the hydrocarbons from the polluted soil easily and it is then emulsified to turn it non-volatile and non-combustible. This way the harmful vapors cannot spread in the air and the grease present in the oil is removed.
Excellent results - The solution has a higher shelf life - ten years or even more, if kept unopened. Since the solution is suitable for a variety of surfaces and covers soil types of different kinds. Also, it works well on both liquid and solid hydrocarbons that do not get mixed in water easily. Using this solution in excavations gives tremendous results, as the area goes odor-free in minutes.
Safe - The solution does not pose risk of any kind to the workers. It is easy to use and since these solutions are water-based, they are completely safe for humans. Also, they are very simple to mix and apply on the soil surface.

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