Benefits of Short Term Holiday Rentals vs Hotels

Posted by Pocketinns Inc. on November 22nd, 2017

Whether visiting a city or a more secluded countryside, a holiday rental can be a rewarding, fun, and surprisingly cost-effective way to enjoy a vacation. Hotels will set you back quite a lot with their daily rates, especially when booking several rooms for different members of the family. With a villa, apartment, or a holiday house, you don’t only save on room rentals, you also get to have everyone sleeping and enjoying each other’s company under one roof. Short-term vacation rentals are excellent alternatives to hotels, especially when your holiday plans are concentrated to a particular location over several nights.

While hotels do offer all kinds of themes and gimmicks, your options for a holiday rental run the gamut, from big city apartments right in the heart of a bustling town to more peaceful villas, tucked away in the countryside. Price benefits can be enormous when renting a villa for an entire family or vacation party, as you get to split the cost and even save in unnecessary amenities and services along the way. Short term holiday rental prices vary depending on different factors such as the size of the villa, its location, as well as the season of your visit. However, you will be able to catch some great deals, especially when planning to stay longer—a benefit hotel accommodations rarely offer because of their fixed rates and all kinds of additional costs.

Short term rentals are typically one whole villa or apartment, as opposed to smallish rooms where you barely have floor to walk on. For the same price, or even much lower, you can get a short-term rental where you can truly relax and enjoy what the location has to offer. What’s more is that rentals offer amenities that hotels will charge you extra for as well as features that hotel rooms simply cannot afford. With a short-term rental, you can have your own functional kitchen, a common room for gathering the rest of your traveling party, laundry facilities, and many other home-like amenities that you will probably miss by booking a hotel room.

Choosing to book a short-term rental will also open you up to more opportunities to explore the local area and even the surrounding towns. You’ll be encouraged to book a longer stay for cheaper and probably work a daytrip or two into your itinerary—something you’d be too reserved to try by booking much more expensive hotel rooms.

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