Forecast on Pre-Stressed Concrete Market for the Period 2017 - 2027

Posted by Chhidami on November 22nd, 2017

Pre-stressed concrete is used widely in multistoried buildings, civic infrastructure and bridges owing to the inherent weakness of concrete in tension which can be removed via the product. The use of pre-stressed concrete improves its service load factor and reduce deflection & cracking. Furthermore, the durability of concrete is also increased due to use of reinforced polymer in pre-stressing. The expanding focus on infrastructure development has enabled the growth of many sub-sectors connected to the construction industry. As pre-stressed concrete wire and component are a substantial part of the construction material industry, the market consumption rate will thereby witness an increase, particularly for prefab construction. This increase in demand is expected to encourage manufacturers to focus more on enlighten the quality of their product and they will significantly benefit from the subsidies delivered by the various governments than it enables them to bring together to economical product. Due to increasing demand of railway transportation, it is expected that the railroad industry will dominate the global pre-stressed concrete market in the forecast period. Moreover, the rise in reusable income and fast growing urbanization will accelerate the growth of this market segment during the forecast period.

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Pre-stressed Concrete Market: Dynamics


The decreasing oil prices through the globe resulting in the decline in prices of petroleum based product such as plastic material, polyvinyl chloride material, and asphalt and material insulation is subsequently expected to drive the growth of the global pre-stressed concrete market. Furthermore, reducing oil and gas prices would reduce transportation costs on behalf of the construction industry, which will over again makes relatively inexpensive to accomplish various operational activities. The forthcoming years is thus estimated to record a significant increase in the number of construction activities in the world, resulting in consequent growth of the global pre-stress concrete market. Moreover, an increasing number of bridge construction and building construction are also hike the global pre-stressed concrete market over the forecast period. The National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) has set the benchmark report, according to NPCA the Construction industry is growing with high growth rate.


For fabrication and assemble & install for post tensioning is requirement of skilled worker may hinder the global pre-stressed concrete market. Furthermore, the high cost of pre-stressing mould and very few number of non-standard units may also affect the product utilization.


The computer controlled automated mixing process is used by management to control production, aid in the decision making process and track inventories. The computer has become a common tool throughout the pre-stressed concrete industry that result in improved quality control. Computer based design and analysis is now the norm for standard pre-tensioned girders and segmental bridges. Geometry control for bridges are commonly computerized in production sites and casting yards. Many highway departments are using CADD drafting stations associated with larger VAX-type computer for development of plan sheet. Furthermore, increasing adoption of robotics and computerized control systems has lagged in the North American construction industry.

Pre-stressed Concrete Market: Segmentation

The global Pre-stressed concrete market can be segmented on the basis of manufacturing method:

  • Pre-tensioning

  • Post-tensioning

The global Pre-stressed concrete market can be segmented on the basis of Product type:

  • Epoxy coated PC strand

  • Uncoated PC Strand

  • Galvanized PC Strand

The global Pre-stressed concrete market can be segmented on the basis of Application:

  • Railroad Industry

  • Water conservancy

  • Brides and flyovers

  • Transport

  • Energy

The global Pre-stressed concrete market can be segmented on the basis of pre-stress concrete wires:

  • 2 & 3 wires

  • 7 Wires

  • 19 Wires

 Pre-stressed Concrete Market: Key Participants:

 Key Participants of the global pre-stressed concrete market are following:

  • Bekaert

  • Insteel Engineers



  • Sumiden Wire


  • Usha Martin

  • Tata Steel




  • Gulf Steel Strands FZE


  • PPI Engineering Pte Ltd.


Pre-stressed Concrete Market: Region-wise Outlook:

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region are dominating in the pre-stressed concrete market owing to huge investment in infrastructure, bridges and building. Western Europe is followed by North America due to increasing construction industry and huge investment in R & D in the globe. Asia-Pacific is having a sluggish growth rate in the global pre-stressed concrete market due to slow development of the construction industry.


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