All Things Turkish- The Multi-purpose Travel Companion!

Posted by decktowels on November 22nd, 2017

Winter sure knows how to make its mighty presence felt and has sent autumn as the harbinger of its year-end sojourn. The temperature goes down and the leaf child slowly turns pale before chanting its last goodbye to Mama Tree.

With the cold snap well on its way to our sun-kissed paradise, it's time to prepare for the chilly days ahead. The initial days are, in fact, quite pleasant with the cool breeze leaving us refreshed. As you plan your annual holiday to a warmer place, make sure you carry a soft blanket throw to keep you warm during your leisure stay.

Turkish throws and blankets have been incredibly useful for weekend hauls as well as long trips around-the-world. Woven of 100% cotton, they are thin, lightweight, easy to carry and only get softer with time. The thin, machine-washable material is also very fast drying and compact for storage. The color and design combinations with the classic tassels make for the most elegant covers and handy accessories for travel purposes.

Turkish fabrics, traditionally called Peshtemals, are made primarily in the Pamukkale region of Turkey. The material ranges between cotton, bamboo, and linen, with the former two being the most common. Bamboo is the softest material that feels more like a blanket than a towel while cotton Turkish throws feel more like a standard beach cloth. Either fabric can be used for anything, however, and are typically handmade. Here are a few good reasons why they are considered the best travel companions:

1. Used for beach purposes: When you are traveling, some hostels do not provide beach wraps. Thus, it's good to carry one.

2. Used as a scarf or head wrap: Even when traveling to warmer places you might encounter an unexpected cold front. Some indoor arenas are often overly air-conditioned, so having a little warm something never hurts. You may also use your Turkish throw as a scarf at the airport and use it as a blanket on the flight.

3. Keeps you warm: On a plane, car, train, or outside at a park, Turkish blanket serves your purpose.

4. Interior Design Elements: Besides offering you warmth, these colorful Turkish blankets can also be used for interior designing. These come in a variety of patterns and hence, can serve the purpose of beautifying your interiors.

5. The perfect seat cover: They are great as throws on couches or flight seats and saves you from low back pains at low-cost airlines.

If you still haven’t bought a Turkish blanket, then it’s about time that you get one.


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