Factors affecting the work efficiency of Raymond mill

Posted by kathryn on November 22nd, 2017

Raymond mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after being broken. It is suitable for grinding various ores and other materials. Raymond mill is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industry. In the production process, due to various conditions will affect the efficiency of equipment operation. Then, what factors affect the efficiency of Raymond mill?

1. the number of grinding media added. Grinding medium plays a role of grinding and impact in Raymond mill. The more grinding medium is added into Raymond mill, the more material is grinded in unit time, and the ball milling efficiency is high. However, the more ball milling media will occupy the effective space of Raymond mill, which will lead to lower efficiency.

2. speed of Raymond mill. The grinding effect of Raymond mill is achieved by friction and impact between the grinding ball and the cylinder wall and raw material when the mill drum rotates. The speed is too slow, not high rise ball sliding down, crushing effect is very small. The speed is too fast, and the grinding medium is attached to the inner wall of Raymond mill. When the speed is appropriate, the ball with the raw material along the cylinder wall to rise to a certain height, when the force of gravity is equal to the centrifugal force, the grinding medium along a parabolic path in the following materials or hitting the falling sphere, then the impact of the material by the grinding and crushing efficiency is high, so.

3. Feeding method. The feeding method of Raymond mill has one feeding and two feeding. One feeding is to add hard and soft raw materials at one time. The operation is simple, but the power consumption is more and the grinding efficiency is poor. The two feeding is adding hard materials first, then grinding and mixing with soft material after grinding for a period of time. This can increase the grinding ball impact force on the material, the material and the ball has more chances, thus improving the grinding efficiency.

4. Granularity of processing materials. Raymond Mill into the material particle size is fine milling time is shorter, but meticulous material granularity can be increased in crushing burden. Therefore, the feed size is about 2mm is more appropriate.

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