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Posted by williamriddle on October 7th, 2011

With growing medical needs and increasing number of X rays done in the hospitals and clinics everywhere in the world, the number of X ray plates being used have also increased drastically. After the diagnosis is over and when the places are not required any more, the problem that arises is what to do with the x ray plates. While individuals or patients keep the x ray plates at home for future references and treatments, it might possess a problem for the hospitals and clinics. For them X ray film recycling is the best option available. As people are becoming more concerned about the environmental factors and conditions, they want everything to be recycled in an eco friendly manner. While it is not possible for every object that is being used on the Earth, it is definitely possible for x ray films. The x ray film recycling concept has grown over the years and possibility of silver reclamation is an additional boost. In this process, the companies who are offering the shredding and x ray films disposal service picks up the outdated, expired, damaged, old, and even exposed X rays for the process of destruction and silver recovery from X rays. The company pays the owner when they pick up the x ray plates and the pickups are generally free of cost. However the company who is working for the purpose of recycling x ray plates and silver recovery from x rays must adhere to the rules set up by the state authorities and also should have EPA ID number or Environmental Protection Identification number. It is important for any company with an objective of silver extraction from x ray film. They make sure that the x ray plates are disposed as per the guidelines of the EPA. Apart from this on completion of the destruction, the recycling company also provides the client with a certificate of the film destruction and other accessories like the paper jackets, etc. Hence x ray film recycling, silver recovery from x rays and silver reclamation are not done by every other company in the country. Each state and country may have its own protocol regarding x ray film disposal and these rules need to be followed by the company offering the recycling services for x rays. The aim is an environmental friendly manner of destruction of the film and x rays. Resource Box: If you have been looking for environment friendly companies who offer x ray film recycling and silver recovery from x rays, visit our website for valuable information and various details.

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