Hair Transplant Scars - Are They Visible?

Posted by Riya sharma on November 23rd, 2017

Hair transplantation is advance hair procedure that ensures achieving maximum results at the bald areas of and individual suffering from hair loss. When hair loss is a common issue it is obvious that individual feels distressed about it and is able to do every possible thing for overcoming all those problems to this hair transplantation acts as miracle and helps them eliminate all such problems to fight all those issues and get back what they have been long waiting for. In such cases hair transplantation is the best available alternative that could fight all signs of hair issues and achieve better and enhanced hair results. If you are planning for hair transplantation you may choose Hair Transplant In Indore at Marmm Klinik for better advantages from hair transplantation procedure.

Even though hair transplantation is termed to be the best alternative for treating even the adverse cases of hair loss but it is not always chosen by every individual suffering from hair problem. The main cause why people often avoid choosing hair transplantation is that they have a fear of scars that they may develop after hair transplant surgery. Patient always fears that hair transplantation is advance surgery that involves transplantation of hairs from one place to another and thus it will include scars that will lasts for lifetime and will look ugly on their head scalp but this is not very true. Hair transplantation procedures can directly affect the scars that you will have during surgery. There are various other factors associated with it as well.

There are two type of hair transplantation procedure and the visible scars get affected by these techniques of hair transplantation:

  1. FUE – FUE is advance procedure that do not require any type of cuts or incision because in this procedure doctor is capable of moving one hair follicles after the other to the area required and thus there is no need of any sort of sutures at all which makes it very clear that no scars is associated with advance FUE procedure.

  1. FUT – FUT is still an traditional process of hair transplantation that requires extraction of strip of skin to prepare essential grafts for the preparation of hair follicles and thus it involves incision and closure with sutures thus it has some sort of scars associated with it but with time area heals and scar start to fade. If there is need of large cuts the area is fills by necessary hair grafts so that scars are not at all visible after the surgery.

With this it very clear that if you are looking for no scar procedure you may trust FUE surgery but even if you are expecting better results from FUT surgery you need not to worry about scars because a expert doctor can help you get better looks without any scars just by using advance technologies and better techniques thus for better results with scar less hair transplantation procedure you must only trust Hair Transplant In Indore at Marmm Klinik.

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