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Posted by Maggie on November 24th, 2017

Open rainbow chests, unlock prize multipliers and win cheap rs gold and rainbow cosmetics! From 00:00 game time on the 22nd November through to 23:59 game time on the 27th November, Rainbow’s End brings you new rares and up to 7x the prizes.The Mage Training Arena can be a source of frustration to those having to compete with bots. To address this we'd like to add a Magic requirement of 68 to pick up Dragonstones in the Enchanting Chamber. This requirement wouldn't prevent players with a lower level accessing the Chamber, they just wouldn't be able to pick up Dragonstones. 68 was chosenas it is the requirement to enchant Dragonstone jewellery.

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You’ll win multiplier tokens while opening the rainbow chests. Multipliers tokens can be used to unlock multipliers on your prizes for the rest of the promotion - up to a dazzling x7! This multiplier applies to everything on Treasure Hunter (except for multiplier tokens themselves), so upgrade it as far as you can for maximum benefit!

Rainbow-Coloured Rares

This time, brand new rainbow-themed prizes are introduced: the Pot of Gold orb, Rainbow Wand and shiny Rainbow Halo! They're tradeable rares, and will be just as sought after as the previous rainbow items - the Rainbow Amulet, Cape, Bow and Parasol. You will also have the chance to get these previous items during this promotion if you don't already have them unlocked.

The Monks of Zamorak currently only attack the player if they attempt to pick up the wine. They could also be made to attack when it is telegrabbed. In addition, the monks could have their stats increased to make them more dangerous. This would only affect the Wine spawn in the Asgarnian temple and not the one in the Wilderness. We welcome your feedback on the proposed changes.

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