Guide to AFKing 99 Mining

Posted by maying on November 24th, 2017

Disclaimer: I don't know know exp rates for these methods, and so, I can't tell you how many hours you will have to grind. I do know that the fastest methods are not nearly as afk. If you care about that terribly, find another guide.

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I pulled this together from websites, videos, advice, and dreams sent from beings I can't fully comprehend.
Things to consider:
Gem Golem Outfits give 1% additional chance of mining ore per piece
Quartermaster Aura gives from 3% additional chance of mining ore at rank one to 15% at rank 5.
Clan Avatar gives 6% additional xp
Varrock armor 1 can be useful in early levels.
Spend the ~20k on a Rune pickaxe asap for your tool belt, then forget about it until level 61 or so.
Mining Urns can be useful in early levels.
Wilderness Warbands D&D for high xp
Shooting Stars D&D for afk xp
Alaea Crabs are a high xp alternative to Seren stones if you have the supplies to island hop.
Train divination as high as you can possibly stand it, ideally 68 for Sign of the Porter IV.
Things to skip
Mining familiars below Obsidian Golem (useless)
Perfect Juju Mining Potions (expensive)
Rock Crushing Scrimshaws (expensive)
Skillchompas (expensive)

Levels 1-31
Warning: Not AFK
Complete the Digsite quest. This quest has very low requirements, 25 Thieving, 10 Agility, 10 Herblore, and will take you straight from level 1 to level 31.
Alternative: Mine copper/tin in Burthorpe mine until level 15, then iron near Piscatoris until 31 (or 45).
Or, you know, just complete the quest. __________________________________________________________________________

Levels 31-45
What: Mine iron rocks
Where: South of Piscatoris
With: Varrock Armour 1+, any Gem Golem outfit pieces (excluding chest slot), tons of the highest Mining Urns you have available
One spot outside of Piscatoris has three ore veins positioned where you won't need to move to access all three. If you'd rather bank the ore, use level one Signs of the Porter to lose the least Rs Gold.

Levels 45-80
What: Granite
Where: Granate/Sandstone mine S/W Bandit Camp Lodestone
With: *Enchanted Water Tiara, Varrock Armour 2+, Golem Outfit pieces, tons of Signs of the Porter IV (or lower)
If you do not have access to the enchanted water tiara (I didn't), you will want to swap out armor for Desert Robes, with 4 Waterskin (4) along with Signs of the Porter. You will take damage from desert heat.
There is no convenient spot with triple vein access so the two options are three adjacent which is slightly faster and slightly less afk or double vein access which is slightly slower and slightly more afk.
I highly recommend signs of the porter for banking. Once you need funds for more signs or the porter, it is important to break all granite down to the 500(g) version before selling on the ge for maximum profit.
If no SotP, fill your inventory with at least strong mining urns. This is the very lowest and longest point on the road to 99, just tough it out because it only gets easier from here.
Note: If you are very wealthy, you may want to consider investing in a Dragon pickaxe at level 61. If you have access to the elf city, also consider upgrading said pickaxe to a Crystal pickaxe
Levels 80-89
What: Concentrated Gold Ore
Where: Living Rock Caverns
With: Varrock Armor 2+, Golem Outfit pieces, tons of Sotp IV, a weapon to defend against LRC
This is very afk, as the mining spots are safe from LRCs and last for many, many gold ore. Keep an eye on the node you are mining and hop worlds when you run dry.
Again, without SotP use the highest mining urns you have access to.
Levels 89-99
What: Seren Stones
Where: Elf City
With: Golem Outfit pieces, Obsidian Golem/Lava Titan or Clan Avatar
The final grind and one of the most afk skilling methods in-game, afk enough to write a skill guide while mining and still retain full efficiency. Try to find a rock of your own, because during stage changes the first miner will continue mining and everyone else using that rock will stop mining.
Corrupted ore is stackable and is given 30% of the time. I got ~10, 000 ore before I hit 99

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