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Posted by adairsawyer on October 13th, 2011

When you are in the need of a source from where you can procure t-shirts by the hundreds and yet not spend a fortune on them, you need a t-shirt wholesale website. There are many websites on the net that sell t-shirts online but not everyone among them can give you wholesale prices. There are these specific websites in Canada that charge amazing prices for the most fantastic t-shirts you will ever come across. And prominent among these websites is, a premier website for buying great quality t-shirts at throwaway prices.

The biggest customers of t-shirts are various corporations. Companies today get t-shirts printed by the thousands. These t-shirts are then handed over to the employees. What is the advantage that the company gets? First of all, these t-shirts are great tools for employee satisfaction and retention. When an employee gets to wear a t-shirt with their company’s name and logo printed on it, the amount of pride associated with it is immense. Secondly, these t-shirts also act as tools for reward and recognition. And the price companies pay for these tools is peanuts compared to some of the other reward and recognition tools. With the t-shirt wholesale websites always available online it is simple for a human resource or admin guy to log in and order t-shirts. When you deal with websites like you actually don’t need to find too many other sources for printing company t-shirts in bulk quantities.

Like any other t-shirt wholesale website, also offers more discount when you order more. When you place an order for more than 50 t-shirts, you immediately get a discount of 50%. When your order is more than 500 t-shirts you get a whopping discount of 65%. Imaging the amount you can get to save when you have your t-shirt requirement for the year ordered at one go.

Wait! It is not only companies that place orders in large numbers that get discounts from Even when you order a single t-shirt you get some fantastic products at amazing prices. The t-shirt wholesale section of the website has t-shirts that cost less than 2 dollars. Can it get any better than this? These t-shirts are simple in design and you can easily wear them for casual occasions.

As far as the quality of the wholesale t-shirts is concerned, ensures that they never compromise on this aspect. Any t-shirt that you order from the website is made of 100% organic cotton. This ensures that you are still nice and cool even on the hottest summer day. Among the various t-shirt wholesale websites in Canada, few can match when it comes to the quality of the t-shirts, even when they cost less than $2.

So, if you are looking at the best option in t-shirt wholesale, is the name that should come to your mind immediately. This websites has been creating t-shirts for more than just a few years and the amount of goodwill it has generated in the market is simply amazing.

For the best in t-shirt wholesale always trust professional websites like

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