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Posted by wherewhatgo on October 15th, 2011

The chances of you enjoying a fantastic holiday increase greatly when it is well planned. If you are planning a holiday, then taking travel advice from local travel guides is a good option. There are many tourist information websites in the net pool which are there to help you out when choosing a destination to travel to. They will guide you regarding making the necessary preparations. Using the services of a world travel guide is advantageous as it will provide all the information you may require regarding the various destinations of the world.  There are such a variety of tourist destinations around the globe and you can get the best planning details from world travel guides. Searching for those travel guide websites that are community driven is a good idea as they provide real local knowledge directly from real people in real time.

So, if you are planning a vacation, but are confused with the choice of destination, then seeking travel advice from travel guides is important.  Just share your interests and preferences with them and they will advise you about all the destinations you can visit. You will get every bit of information you need from good local travel guides, from the weather conditions of the place to the route to follow and the local accommodation recommendations. The best advice comes from people who are actually at a place or have been there.

The above mentioned information can be gathered from travel agents in your home town but they can certainly not replace the personal attention and care provided by local members that can be found through travel community websites.  Local travel advice helps you plan your itinerary and also keeps you informed about the pros and cons of visiting a particular place. 

Travel guides inform you about the local tourist spots, making your hunt for tourist attractions easy and leaving you with more time to enjoy them. Most importantly good local advice helps to keep your trip within your budget. Local people have the best understanding of the local tour and travel industry and have connections with travel service providers. You can often use many established local services at significant discounts with the help of these guides.

Travel guides offer convenience which is not possible when you plan your vacation by yourself. They help you customize your travel plans according to your preference. You don’t need to worry about your transportation, accommodation and other travel related preparations. They help you plan all your travel details properly and things run smoothly as a result. Without worries you enjoy a higher sense of fulfillment in your trip. So seek out travel community websites and take advice from local travel guides to ensure your vacation is truly unforgettable.

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Chris Ryan and Tim Davies are the co-creators of WhereWhatGo, a global community website for travel enthusiasts. With WhereWhatGo, they concentrate on developing a facility to create the very best world travel guide possible. They have both travelled extensively in the course of their work and for the sheer pleasure of being on the road. They both live in Thailand and presently operate their site from Chiang Mai.

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