3 Popular Betting Options You Should Know to Bet on NHL Online

Posted by mark taylor on November 27th, 2017

Are you interested in sports betting and want to bet on NHL online? Don’t worry. This expert guide will help you in NHL hockey betting. There are several options. The most popular is Money Line betting and Total or Over/Under Betting. Besides, Puck Line betting is another popular hockey betting option.

Money Line Betting

It is the most common and easy to understand NHL betting. In it, you need to place a bet on which team will win the game.

NHL Over Under Betting

It is a type of betting, which involves betting on the total number of goals scored by both teams. In it, the oddsmakers choose a game total or number. Then, you need to choose for the total number of goals scored both teams to go over or under that set number.

To learn more about NHL betting lines, look at the image given below.

NHL BettingSource - Visually

NHL Puck Line Betting

The puck line betting is similar to MLB run line betting. The oddsmakers favor one team by giving a 1.5 goal. Other heads into the game as a 1.5-goal underdog. A bet on the favored team means they must win by 2 or more goals to win the bet. The underdog means others can win the game outrights or loss by one goal in order for the best to win. The puck line is an adjustable betting option. It is based on the strength of the favorite and weakness of the underdog.

Puck line is an affordable option for those who want to bet the favorite but are reluctant to lay a heavy price.

The bottom line is that Money Line is the most popular and easy to understand when it comes to the NHL hockey betting.

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