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Posted by juliabennet on October 17th, 2011

Wodehouse Capital introduces globally benchmarked Asset Management services for high net worth investors, wealthy families and entrepreneurs in India. High net worth investors in India are recognizing the importance of preserving and accumulating wealth for a secured future, and Wodehouse family office asset management India services are recognized as a standout option. 

Wodehouse addresses the financial and lifestyle issues that keep wealthy investors up at night. We take up the burden of managing your assets so that the investor can utilize their valuable time to focus on the business. Asset managers in India such as Wodehouse create customized programs keeping in mind the clients individual needs and requirements to preserve wealth for future generations.

Wodehouse Capital is one of the most experienced, qualified and trusted names in the asset management business, with an in house team that addresses the most complex needs of the high net worth client.

Investment management: Wodehouse has a world class asset management team that uses proprietary asset allocation and investment models to create an investment framework that protects client assets, and ensures that the asset portfolio is optimally positioned to deliver absolute real performance.

Wodehouse is confident in its asset management and investment strategy and as a result we look to deliver superior absolute performance. Asset management involves immense responsibility, spending time with the client to understand all their needs and objectives, ensuring structures are in place to address the clients concerns and creating a financial plan that addresses the client’s investment objectives.

Over the past few years, all manner of asset management providers in India have come to market providing wealth management services. Particularly for high net worth individuals, the choice of asset management options is varied. Banks, asset managers, chartered accounts, portfolio management services and brokers all desire their business. 

However, the needs of high net worth individuals are specific and unique. And that is the challenge that standard product providers face in offering asset management services to high net worth individuals. The sophisticated investor has unique needs and wants a comprehensive set of services and products that addresses all his or her requirements. 

Wodehouse Capital recognizes that Indian high net worth clients don’t need a la carte services from a wide variety of service providers. Rather, HNW India investors are looking for a holistic asset manager that is reliable, trustworthy, competent, experienced and addresses the headaches that keep the client awake at night. Wodehouse asset management provides real estate, banking, asset management, debt raising, investments, financial planning, accounting, taxation, philanthropy, legacy and estate planning. 

Wodehouse offers professional advice and assistance for rich investors on creating frameworks that will ensure that future generations will never have to worry about financial security. In addition to asset management, Wodehouse provides other valuable services to clients apart from managing wealth, such as consolidated financial management, estate and tax planning, strategic investment opportunities, alternative investment and strategic advisory services.

Another attractive Wodehouse service is turnkey management of real estate assets, whether it be property management, property maintenance, property rental, financing, transaction management, title issues, bill collection and other related matters. So our clients can enjoy all the benefits of real estate without any of the hassles.

Wodehouse puts in place asset management structures that ensure wealth is preserved and the ongoing financial needs of the family are secured.

One of the most desirable services that Wodehouse offers is a concierge service that will take care of the pressing personal life issues of clients, whether it is household services, travel, transportation, entertainment or other concierge services.

Wodehouse Capital are an Asset Management India based family office that provides services to high net worth India based clients, entrepreneurs and small corporations. A typical private client of Wodehouse Capital Family Office India can be a high net worth entertainer, corporate head, successful business owner, entrepreneur or similar. Wodehouse has service representation across regions that include Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

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