Revision Tips for AIPMT/NEET Syllabus

Posted by Sakshi Gupta on November 27th, 2017

The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET), that replaced the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) around two years back, is known for its vast syllabus. NEET and AIPMT syllabus is more or less the same and it requires at least two years of rigorous coaching to be thorough with it. Among other things, revision plays a vital role in the preparation of this exam. Here are a few revision tips that should come handy as you prepare for AIPMT/NEET:

Revise Simultaneously

We all seek professional coaching to cover the NEET/ AIPMT syllabus. We are also well aware that merely studying in the class doesn’t help. Hence, we squeeze time for self study and learn the topics simultaneously to be thorough with them. However, we are often so caught up with keeping pace with our coaching class that we keep learning newer chapters overlooking the importance of revising the ones already learnt. It is suggested to set some time aside for revision of the already learnt chapters as you learn the new ones.

Use Different Techniques

It is recommended to use the learning technique that suits you best. However, sticking to one learning technique can sometimes lower your grasping power. So you can use different techniques when you revise your chapters. You may read aloud once, jot down points the next time you revise and listen to audio clips or watch video lectures on the same yet another time you revise. This will help you grasp better.

Use Your Hand Written Notes

When it comes to revision, it is best to use your hand written notes. This smoothens the revision process. Juggling between different books each time you sit to revise your lessons will only waste your time and energy. So avoid that completely.

Schedule Your Revision Process

Just as you prepare schedule for learning your lessons one by one to complete the NEET/ AIPMT syllabus timely, it is also suggested to prepare a schedule for revising your lessons. It is best to take out some time each day to revise your lessons.

Go for Group Studies

It is suggested to go for group studies as a part of your revision process. It is a good way to assess your knowledge and revise the lessons you have learned. However, you must choose your group wisely. Go for group studies only with those who are serious about their studies. It is suggested to go for it once a week.

Re-Revise Your Lessons

It is to be understood that revision is not a onetime thing, it is an ongoing process. So do not just revise your lessons once or twice. You should make it a practice to revise and re-revise your lessons multiple times in order to retain them well.

The more you revise the more you will be thorough with your course!

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