Do Not Use An Unknown Piece Of App Without Asking For Permission

Posted by Binadox Solutions on November 27th, 2017

Every day we download and install a lot of software for our convenience. We do not think about the consequences that we may face for using such products in our day to day life. We may face bigger issues in future. Shadow IT, asset management these points and names are associated with this small thing that we do unknowingly and pushing our company to a bigger problem every day. Without knowing the base of the project, we cannot use that for our company. The biggest thing that we protect every day working in the company and we make ounce by ounce is the reputation and with a small deed, we hamper the reputation of our company! Reputed companies and their employees never use an unnamed program for their benefit and risk their project!

Check the base first

So before you start using the program, check the base of it and if you are not sure about it or if you found such programs lying in your computer, you need to reach the IT department and ask about their opinion on this product. Your target is to keep the company safe and you cannot keep your company unsafe by your stupid deed! Track and manage software license compliance should be there on your agenda. You need to know everything about the software before using it in your project. Sometimes the makers do not block you initially and then they file a court case which is a very drastic step! Your company will lose money and also reputation. Money can be earned easily, but if reputation is hampered, you cannot get it back anyhow!

Know the maker of this

When you are going to use unknown software, you need to know the maker of this. You need to know whether you can use it for your project! Sometimes bugs are added to these programs, so before using it for your project, you need to check it properly. You need to go for Track and manage software license compliance. You need to know whether you are permitted to use the software for your project! If you are permitted you can readily use it. If you are not, you need to ask for the permission of the maker, you need to pay for it, buy the product and then you can use it. Your target is to safe your company at the end of the day. You cannot keep your company in danger anyhow! 

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