Advantages of graphite electrode relative to copper electrode

Posted by annesheldon on November 27th, 2017

1. Diverse mold geometry are complicated and product application requirements for the accuracy of EDM discharge leads to more and more high. The advantages of the graphite electrode is easy processing, high removal rate of graphite EDM, small loss, therefore, some group based spark machine spark machine customers give up copper electrode instead of graphite electrode. In addition, some electrode the special shape of the cannot be made of copper, but the graphite is easily molded, and the copper electrode is heavy, not suitable for processing large electrode, these factors have caused some group based spark machine spark machine application of graphite electrode.

2.HP Graphite electrode is easy to processing, and the processing speed is obviously faster than the copper electrode. For example, the milling of graphite, the processing speed is 2~3 times faster than other metal processing and does not require additional manual processing, and the copper electrode needed and grinding. Similarly, if the high-speed machining center of manufacturing graphite electrode, the speed will be faster, more efficient, but also does not produce dust. In the process, select the appropriate tools and hardness of graphite can reduce the tool wear and breakage of the public consumption of copper. If the specific comparison of graphite electrode and the milling time of copper electrode graphite electrode, graphite electrode with copper 67% faster discharge machining in general in the case, processing using graphite electrode than the copper electrode 58%. in this way, the processing time is greatly reduced, but also reduce the cost of manufacturing.

3. Design of graphite electrode and traditional copper electrodes. Many different mold factory usually reserved a different amount of copper electrode in roughing and finishing, and the graphite electrode is used for almost the same, which reduces the number of CAD/CAM and the single machine, is the reason enough to improve the mold cavity the accuracy to a great extent.

Mold factory by copper electrode to the graphite electrode, first of all should be clear is how to use graphite materials and consider other relevant factors. Now part of group based spark machine spark machine to customers using graphite electrode discharge machining, which eliminates the mold polishing and chemical polishing process can still reach the desired surface finish. As not to increase the time and polishing process, the copper electrode can not produce such artifacts. In addition, graphite is divided into different levels, using the appropriate level in the specific application of graphite and electric spark discharge parameters in order to achieve the ideal processing effect, if the operators use the same parameter with copper electrode in EDM use of graphite electrodes, then the result is certainly disappointing. If you want to strictly control the electrode material, the graphite electrode in the rough state in non loss (loss of less than 1 %, but the copper electrode is not.)

Graphite has the following excellent properties that copper can not match:
1. Processing speed: high speed milling rough copper faster than 3 times; high-speed milling finishing faster than copper 5 times;
2. Good machinability, can achieve complex geometric modeling;
3. 1/4 with light weight and low density copper, the electrode is easy to hold;
4. Can reduce the number of individual electrodes, because they can be bundled into composite electrodes;
5. Good thermal stability, no deformation, no machining burr.

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