Different Varieties of Pigeon Netting

Posted by Pigeon Guard on November 27th, 2017

Pigeon netting is used in the form of a barrier that prevents pigeons and even other birds from destroying flowers, fruits, crops and vegetables. Netting is also used for preventing pigeons from accessing offices and warehouses. This type of unit can easily be installed in almost any area like the business space, allotment or garden.

Different Types of Netting for Pigeons

There are different varieties of netting used for pigeons and these include:

•    Extruded:  This is low cost netting that is made using black polypropolene. This type of netting can easily be installed in different areas like over or under the farms. It features large holes and is quite effective in keeping pigeons at bay.
•    Knitted: Knitted netting is made using high-density polyethylene monofilament which makes this type of netting perfect for heavy-duty requirements. The unit is very strong and durable and is also quite effective in preventing pigeons from getting into your garden. The unit can even be installed very easily and is light enough.
•    Knotted: This type of netting is also very strong and durable. It is only because of its effectiveness that knotted netting is suggested for large farms and gardens.
•    Industrial Strength: This type of netting is made using polyethylene minofilaments and mesh. The unit is flame resistant, waterproof and rot-proof.

The Benefits of Pigeon Dropping Removal Services

One of the greatest benefits of pigeon dropping removal services is that they have fully trained technicians adept at pigeon feces cleaning and disinfecting. Pigeon feces can cause permanent damage to equipment and building structure and therefore it is important to deal with it properly. Areas like balconies, roofs, ventilation systems, lofts and machinery offer pigeons with the right shelter perfect for nesting and roosting. The pigeons leave their feces in these areas that can even result in different dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to take the help of professional services that are into comprehensive pigeon feces cleaning and disinfection of the areas that are affected. It is always best to go for companies that make use of innovative feces cleaning and disinfecting measures ensuring that all the procedures are effectively performed in efficient and safe manner. This can protect individuals from health hazards.

Pigeon Exclusion and Trapping

One way of dealing with pigeons is using electric shock trapping method for trapping them at their feeding, loafing and roosting sites. This can control pigeons in the most effective manner.

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