Advantages Of SDS Over Regular Hammer Drills

Posted by shaunaallen on November 27th, 2017

What Is An SDS Hammer Drill?

An SDS Hammer Drill is similar to a regular hammer drill but with enhanced features that exert a stronger hammering action for drilling holes through all sorts of materials.  The SDS is an acronym for “Special Direct System”.

This innovative gadget not only drills through rotational forces but also blows into the material for improved performance.The SDS hammer drill has a much-enhanced power which allows users to drill through tough and hard material such as concrete and bricks.  Also, whereas regular hammer drills require the removing and replacing of the whole drill chuck to attain hammer action, the SDS hammer drill permits the necessary parts to be included in the chuck, which directs more force in an accurate and efficient way.

The SDS Hammer Drill was invented and introduced by Bosch, an international home appliance, and tool company.  Through this introduction, drilling through hard surfaces became much less burdensome and the tool has increased efficiency for home improvement workers.The SDS hammer drill has a slightly different external appearance than regular rotational drills, with a handle attached in the front.  It is used by holding the tool with two hands so that the hammering action and rotational drill action is steadily in place to avoid any safety incidents.

SDS Hammer Drills can be easily found and purchased at any retail or warehouse store for mechanical tools.  While Bosch has been the original and dominant provider of the hammer drills, competitors have invented and designed adjusted types of SDS Hammer Drills to meet the various needs of the users.

Advantages Of SDS Over Regular Hammer Drills

The advantages of an SDS Hammer Drill are especially highlighted for work that requires drilling through tough and condensed materials such as concrete.  The time and strength that takes to drill a hole through concrete are reduced by as much as 90% by using an SDS Hammer Drill.  Other than the superior efficiency in performing a job of the SDS hammer drill, the tool is versatile in its functions.  While not all SDS Hammer Drills have the switching function, most can switch modes to Drill only, Hammer only, and Drill and Hammer.  Such flexible usage of functions provides the user with an all-in-one hammer drilling tool, with high efficiency.  Because of the extra power in SDS hammer drills, however, the user must take caution when drilling walls or softer materials.

Handymen and many workers of the industry illustrate that the SDS hammer drill clearly overpowers the regular hammer drills in areas of drilling masonry.  While the SDS Hammer drill is larger in size relative to similarly powered hammer drills, the tool will do a much quicker job through bricks, concrete, and masonry.  The SDS Hammer Drill will save enormous time and strain for the user, and that is the reason why the tool has gained much popularity over regular drills.  The increased force is latent in the hammering action that is delivered within the tool, unaccompanied in regular hammer drills.  As such, the advantages of SDS hammer drills over regular hammer drills clearly show that SDS hammer drills require less energy expenditure from you and will do a much more efficient job while drilling through hard materials and that too.

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