What is Fantasy Cricket?

Posted by Laxmi on November 27th, 2017

The term fantasy cricket defines its meaning in itself. Fantasy cricket is an online game in which the players can create their own virtual team of cricket players. In this game, the players form an imaginary team for themselves which comprises of real players of that team. The chosen players of the team play matches and secure points against the opponent team in order to win the series of matches.

The concept of fantasy cricket is a part of the fantasy sports genre. There is a series of matches that happens between the various teams just like the matches in the IPL, etc. and these leagues of matches are often termed as IPL Fantasy League, ICC Fantasy League, etc. the main aim of the various teams is to be on the number one spot on the league board so as to win the league against all the other participating teams. There are a number of online gaming websites where you can play fantasy cricket with an amazing experience and fewer hassles.

Fantasy cricket has been accepted hand in hand as soon as it is launched in the market. It has become one of the most addictive and fantastic cricket games that are accepted by all the cricket fans. The idea of creating their own virtual cricket team with the real players playing against one another has proved to be a great hit for the makers. Moreover, the game can be enjoyed in a multi-player format where you and your friends can form their own teams and they can compete to be the winning team in the chosen tournament. The only way to win these cricket matches is to select the players carefully as the entire game depends upon how well the players are performing on the ground.

Fantasy cricket game is available in all the three cricket formats which are – ODIs, T20 and test match. You can play fantasy cricket in any of the formats against your friends. The basic rules and regulations of the different cricket formats have been kept as same so that the users may not get confused with the playing. However, there are minor changes in the game which are made according to the gaming format for the game. The main idea has remained the same which is to win against the rival team and make your team the best of all.

The main reason why the game has become so popular and famous within no time is the popularity of cricket in India. Cricket is not just a game in India, but is an emotion that is lived by all the cricket fans. Thus when they got an opportunity to witness such a game where they can make their own virtual team with the real players, it was pretty obvious that the idea would be a strong hit. Play fantasy cricket with your friends to experience the childhood fun and excitement in the same manner as it used to happen back then.

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