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Posted by AnnaSimpson on October 18th, 2011

Water quality is one of the most important parts of your life. You are what you drink. The public preferably require a system of whole house water filters or failing that at least people need to use drinking water systems. We can no longer take municipal water for granted. Pipes are decaying and additives in the water supplied are detrimental to many with health concerns.

Drinking water systems are available from the smallest in the K5 drinking water station to one of the whole house water filters systems which supplies water right through the house to the highest standard. It is preferable to have a whole house water filters system but the least you need is one of the drinking water systems like the K5. The K5 works with a reverse osmosis which leaves you with just pure water. The K5 is one of the best drinking water systems around as it produces the water clean, pure and on demand. It can be installed under the sink so the kitchen tap will be your source for drinking water. The K5 system is unique in that it has a special technology called QuickFlo® aimed at providing water as and when required but allowing only the minimum of waste. As with most systems including whole house water filters systems this has a PureMometer® indicator for the filter which notifies you when you need to change the filter. Filers are easy to change as they are “quick disconnect”. The tap or faucet is made to go with a variety of designed in kitchens. In addition another feature is the MACguard Filter.

The alternative to one of the drinking water systems is one of the whole house water filter systems such as “Kinetico Whole House Specialty Treatment Systems” One of the joys of a whole house system like this is that it has several tanks each performing a speciality task.  Firstly there is a system with two tanks which is dedicated to removing sediment, iron particulate matter and what they call turbidity down to levels that no longer matter by using their Macrolite® Filter.  The next set of double tanks uses a carbon filter and removes odors, funny tastes and chlorine.  If you have that blue green stain appearing on copper pipes etc the next tank gets rid of this by raising normal tap water ph to a level 7. This is what they refer to as the Calsite System. I think that is tank number 5. There is a Sulfur Guard™ filter installed and this filter removes what is sometimes referred to as rotten egg smell.  Some waters have arsenic in them and there is a special water filter for this “Arsenic Guard™. This one you leave strictly alone and get the Kinetico pro to come and replace it.

The next tank is a tank used to remove chlorine from the water. This appears in the chain prior to getting the water softened. Some water plants have replaced chorine with chlormine. Check if your water supplier has because it gives both a bad smell and an unpleasant taste. It is also a lot more corrosive on pipes and machines. The whole house water filter system has a solution for this whit the chloramines reduction system. Aeration of the water is important to remove manganese and hydrogen sulfide from the water as well as dissolved iron. Finally there is a single tank which neutralizes the problem of acidic water by raising the PH of the water.

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