Submitting an Impressive Application for Government Jobs

Posted by williamriddle on October 18th, 2011

If you are in need of work and you live in India there is a website that will interest you. Here you can submit your resume for government jobs or for account jobs. It’s a fairly simple process but you will need to have your facts ready and not just do it blindly. When one submits a resume you need to catch the attention of the person who is scrutinizing the applications. You have about 10 to 15 seconds to catch his or her attention. Yes I am serious. 10 to 15 seconds. You are given less time than most people give to a web page. One needs to read the job description extremely carefully and assertion what the prospective employer is looking for. Look to see what emphasis he or she puts on a section of the job. Make sure that when making out the application you fill in all the details asked. It doesn’t matter what it is for whether it be one of the government jobs or one of the account jobs there will be a particular idea they have in mind. Do they want you to do reconciliations? Do they want you to do final accounts? Place your accent up front and foremost in the resume for that particular emphasis as this will bring you into the running for one of the accounts jobs. Each application should be filled in on its own merits. Do not just bang out the same tired resume for every job. That will just be a space filler at the bottom of the pile of many government jobs applications. What makes you worthy of the job? What special talent do you have to make the grade for one of those particular accounts job? I know it sounds boring to fill out each one independently but that is an attention to detail you need to apply when looking for a position be it one of the accounts jobs or one of the government jobs. Don’t assume anything. You might know what you can do but the person reading the application knows nothing about you or your capabilities. There are hundreds of positions advertised on this site and each one is looking for the person that is the most suitable candidate for the position. Do not waffle on about nothing. Be short and to the point. The first page of your application is what will be read. If you don’t make a bold and definite bit towards getting the job in that page you will be put on one side for file thirteen. Be truthful and clearly state what you have achieved in your career. It is no good exaggerating facts to get the interview. You will soon be weeded out. The best thing to do is sit down and make a list of what you have done where and when and for whom. Then once that is clear in your mind and hopefully on paper tackle each resume for either one of the government jobs or for one of the account jobs separately looking at what they are wanting and then accentuating that particular position you held in the past that was relevant to the current position. Submit your resume to us and we will help you land the right government jobs or account jobs.

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