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Posted by gutryrotdu on November 28th, 2017

   Muscle Science. .   best exerc  Muscle Science. . .es to get six pack abs high blood pressure    Muscle Science. .   fat    Muscle Science. .   not gender explicit. Comp Muscle Science. .d to males, typically females lift weights less frequently    Muscle Science. .   with less intensity (if at all). I usually recommend females incorporate more intense lifting sessions, using heavier weight, if besides to acquire a flat wa  Muscle Science. . .t. Females tend to get afraid to lift heavy weight  don't in order to be grow big muscles. Well guess  Muscle Science.females don't produce enough natural testosterone to build large bulky muscles like men. By lifting heavy, females will build up more toned muscle (not bulk).    Muscle Science. .      Muscle Science. .   great thing about muscle burns fat. So guess what ladies, a lot more calories muscle you have,    Muscle Science. .   less weight you could have. It's that simple.

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