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Wondering what gifts to get your kids during Christmas? Need personalized gifts to make their day? Well, you are not alone, every Christmas parents struggle with what to get their kids. It can be quite challenging to find or often, afford a gift that is perfect. It can also be easy to lose sight of your budget whenever you go for shopping and come back with considerably more than your children need. Whether you’re on a budget or just trying to discourage materialism in your family this holiday season, you might want to step out of the four gift rule.

The 4 gift rule has been going round the Internet the past few years. I'm not so sure about the origin but there are a few tales to it. The idea is that you are supposed to buy your children no more than four gifts for Christmas, which fall under these categories:


1. Something really they want

2. Something really they need

3. Something they can wear

4. Something they can read

Well, I have two little girls (twins, 9yr-old) and my son, who just turned 16. I have been going back and forth trying to decide if I'm going to follow the 4 gift rule or just put money in their investment accounts instead. Christmas doesn't seem so far off and although I'm on a tight budget, I plan to do better. Better than I did last year or the years before that, when I only got the girls princess toys and Lego models for my son (who is obviously not a baby anymore. They grow up so fast!).

Luckily, Last week I got this amazing gift ideas from my friend Cindy. She introduced me to Selfcad.An online 3D Modeling Software that is easy to use and learn and custom make your Christmas gifts. If you are thinking, "I don't know how to use 3D software, or any software for that matter", well, so did I. When she told me about Selfcad, all I could think of was, In what world my Arts career met the tech world. Luckily for me, Selfcad  does not require background in IT knowledge. Besides, should you require any assistance when creating, you can easily contact Selfcad experts who are always ready to assist.

Selfcad provides some really easy to apply instructions that I found very helpful. Thankfully, I created my models, had them printed and delivered. I think I can now confidently get my kids exactly what they want for Christmas.

I should mention that if you are considering the 4 gift rule for older kids this Christmas, you may encounter some disappointment, especially if your kids are starting to develop personal interests. Say for example, my son loves nature and science, hence, he's always keen on discovering the world by capturing every moment and on the other hand my girls enjoy all the pretty colored toys.

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