Correct Way for you to Earn Up to 9% off RS3 Gold for Evil Dave Until Nov.30

Posted by Maggie on November 29th, 2017

What an exciting week lies ahead! We’ve got the Winter Weekend, the Festive Aura, the Ribbon Rework and the release of our new, eagerly-awaited Evil Dave quest.Feeling festive? During December, members can activate the annual Festive Aura for 30 minutes once a day for Up to 9% off rs gold 50% XP boost - plus a winter wings cosmetic!

RSorder Last Top Giveaway in November:Up to cash coupon code TGS10 for you to buy OSRS gold/runescape gold Until Nov.30!

Dave, we’ve talked about this. What do you want?I’m trying to work, Dave! Can’t you see I’ve got a news post to…You can’t just… Yes of course I know about Zamorak!Give that back! Give it back right now! Give me th...Crazy news - turns out ZAMORAK is back in town (who knew, right!?), and I need YOUR help to conduct the RITUAL OF ULTIMATE DOOMLY EVIL to make him notice me.

You’ll find me at the Basement of DOOM - beneath my mother’s house in Edgeville. I’ll explain the whole thing there. You’ll need to have done my section of RECIPE FOR DISASTER and be a member with at least level 30 in herblore, magic, agility and cooking. Oh, and you’ll need to be EVIL!Mod Scorpio’s giving me an EVIIIL look, so I’d better relinquish my dominion of the KEYBOARD OF CHAOS. See you in-game!

The first of the Winter Weekends will soon be upon us! Get in game between the 1st at midday game time until the 4th of December (again, midday game time) for the following boosts:

An extra charm charm drops
Increased chance of rare drops and enhanced ring of wealth
+50% bonus Slayer XP
Slayer VIP Ticket status for all Slayer assignments
+50% bonus anima in Shattered Worlds - NEW!
10% cheaper instance fees
The ability to loot Mazcab Raids once per day
Extra training points Boss Training
The ability to choose your Boss Slayer assignment - NEW!This month, we’ve created an all-new LootScape Loot Chest, in which you’ll have a chance to win one of loads of different prizes – the rarest of which this month is the Warborne Behemoth pet. Good luck, and may RNGesus be in your favour!

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