Egg White Protein in India ? the best organic source of protein

Posted by RossSmpleassignmen on November 29th, 2017

Egg White Protein is the most expedient, biological and abundant source of protein. It is complete protein, that is to say, it contains no carbohydrates and its Fat content is negligible.

The way we consume Egg White Protein in India is not totally safe. Whether an appropriate hygienic environment is maintained in keeping the eggs remains unknown to us, and the seller/vendor does not mention the freshness or shelf life of the eggs anywhere. So, we must change our way of consuming eggs.

Our 100% Liquid Egg Whites are made fully pasteurized for safety, avoiding any threat of bacteria/salmonella and thus making you free from these anxieties. Besides, this makes our products ready to drink straight from the bottle.

People love our 100% Liquid Egg Whites because these products are apt for both muscle building and weight loss. Whether you are on a journey of muscle gain or weight loss, you may initiate this best organic Protein source in your diet and watch the transformation it brings about in your body.

ProteinGainZ 100% liquid protein drinks in Delhi are very high-quality liquid egg whites and are a great value for money. Most of the egg protein is found in the egg white, which is also a splendid source of several vitamins and minerals. Therefore, egg white protein is the finest food for muscle development as it enhances the quality of muscle tissue and boost power.

Our Liquid Egg Whites contain egg whites that are pre-separated from the yolk, and this means there is no mess, no waste, no hassle, no fuss and time is saved. Moreover, you can store them at room temperature for a long time when unopened and thus avoid the necessity to occupy useful space of the refrigerator.

Liquid Egg Whites give a handy substitute for the arduous job of parting egg whites, while presenting excellent value for money. Hence, if you are in search of a pure protein food you shouldn’t search any further as you can start consuming our Liquid Egg Whites, which contain very little carbohydrate and fat – implying they are practically pure protein!

No preservatives or additives are present in our Liquid Egg Whites. Actually, these products contain fresh egg white protein that can be utilized for cooking or consuming right from the bottle. Liquid Egg Whites comprise almost wholly pure top-quality protein, containing no carbohydrates and negligible fats. Egg white protein is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of protein sources, mainly owing to its 100% bioavailability – denoting that all the goodness of egg white protein is used by our body.  

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