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Posted by tiedinmedia on November 29th, 2017

Why Blogging Is Beneficial For Businesses

Blogging is an often overlooked aspect of a business’ website, but while it might not be entirely necessary for your business’ success, it can help boost sales and encourage traffic to your website.

1. The more you blog, the more traffic is driven to your website.

According to Hubspot’s presentation “Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000+ Businesses” that blog 15 or more times per month get 5 times more traffic than companies that do not blog. So basically, you might as well blog. There are a variety of sources available that help you brainstorm topics to blog about, but if you are not well written then you can also hire a writer for your company or a marketing company that offers writing services.

2. If blogging increases website traffic then the chances of you earning customers also goes up.

It’s simple, if you are bringing in more traffic through your blog then the chances of a site visiter exploring more pages other than just your blog post increase exponentially. According to Hubspot’s presentation “Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000+ Businesses”, the average company with 100 or more total blog articles is more likely to experience continued lead growth.

Overall, blogging is something every company should put in the extra effort to do. If you struggle with creating blog posts, whether you do not have the time or simply are not a writer then reach out to us at for more info on how we can increase your lead growth and drive traffic to your website.

Facebook Launches Rebranded App For Events

Facebook’s events App, which had been in existence for around a year, is being rebranded. The aptly named application, Local operates in a separate app from Facebook. The purpose of this app is to optimize Facebook’s database of 70 million business pages including reviews and check ins, giving users an easy way to find local events, restaurants and more based on what your Facebook friends recommend.

When clicking the app in the iTunes store, the description explains that Local helps you discover places and things to do recommended by friends you know and trust. This seems promising and maybe even slightly better than the likes of Yelp and other applications that help you find local businesses. More people would probably prefer to get recommendations from people they know over strangers.

What does this mean for businesses with a Facebook presence?

This could be extremely beneficial to businesses. Giving them an easier way to advertise their events and services on a different platform. Facebook taking the leap into the pool of local event listings is the reason why if your business does not have a consistent social media presence then you are missing out on new opportunities to reach outside your typical client base.

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