Best supplements for inflammation

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Due to the tremendous popularity that is taking this issue, we have seen the need to clarify some aspects of what supplements we can take when we diagnose bone problems, among the most common, low bone density, osteoporosis, joint pain, osteoarthritis, and arthritis. Depending on the pathology of the patient, the doctor or therapist, apart from the treatment indicated, usually advise some type of supplement to strengthen the bone and increase their internal nutrition.

Supplements for inflammation:

Following are the supplements for inflammation;

Shark cartilage:

For joint problems, its effects are negligible; sincerely consider it a useless complement to treat bone problems. However, in terms of prevention if that can be interesting, especially because it nourishes the bone and lessens the inflammation with important trace elements.


The best known of all, and a lot of eyes, the least effective, we are tired of hearing thousands and thousands of times that we have to take calcium, that we need calcium, calcium over here, calcium over there, when in reality it is useless to take it externally, things as they are

Controitin sulfate:

It works best for the inflammation of. This supplements it best for bone density losses it is useless. It comes with manganese and vitamin C, to increase the absorption of calcium and other minerals.

Vitamin D:

It acts to facilitate the fixation of calcium in the bone, but it will not help us to correct or treat the problem, it only helps very slightly. It is a better option than taking only calcium, but equally useless.


in the first place facilitates the assimilation of calcium, secondly it helps to remove the calcium deposits that remain accumulated in the joints, often causing arthritis, thirdly it improves the absorption of other minerals such as silicon, fluorine, phosphorus, and sodium


Spirulina is a blue-green alga with strong antioxidant effects. Studies have shown that it reduces inflammation, leads to healthier aging and can strengthen the immune system. Although most research to date has investigated the effects of spirulina in animals, studies in elderly men and women have shown that it can improve inflammatory markers, anemia, and immune function.


The astaxanthin combats inflammation by blocking cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes. It also suppresses the excess production of other pro-inflammatory biochemicals such as prostaglandins, interleukins and alpha necrosis factor (TNFα). The antioxidant effects of astaxanthin also play a role in its anti-inflammatory properties.

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