4 Times American Hook Accessories Can Save You That Extra Work and Stress!

Posted by Ankush Trivedi on November 29th, 2017

The part of home interiors that people had the greatest concern about renovating is the ceiling.

Gone are the days when rearranging ceiling decors like lamps and chandeliers or even fans were a huge headache. American hook accessories will allow you to shift, add or relocate anything to your ceiling.

It is indeed a hassling task to undo the plaster, to hand an iron ‘S’ hook onto the iron beam and again redo the entire plastering. It leaves an uneven patch, and then demands a retouch. The thought of having to take this whole headache stops people from re-doing the ceiling arrangements.

However, American hooks do not need breaking the plaster. These come with an easy installation facility; even people can drill it themselves! Moreover, once placed, these give a lifetime of service.

4 tasks that have been made easier with these American hook accessories!

  1. Renovating your house-

Going by the present trend, people prefer renovating their interiors at an interval of every 5 – 10 years. That would, of course, involve redesigning the ceiling with new installations. Many people tend to avoid the ceiling part for it becomes such a hassle.

However, with stainless American hooks, the task becomes a lot easier. The celling does not have to undergo a painstaking process!

  1. No permission from the landlord

People living in rented houses and apartments often face this issue. Even when they want to shift something as meager as a ceiling fan or a swing, they have to take permission from the owner. And most of the times, the permission is not granted, for the simple reason that it would involve digging holes and leave discoloured patches.

Again, with their easy installation process, American hooks make the task so much easier. There is no need to go to the landlord, begging for permission!

  1. Buying new chandeliers-

Chandeliers add a completely different dimension to any house. However, if not planned right during the construction of the house, it becomes a problem installing these later.

So, the first thing one has at the back of one’s mind while buying a new chandelier is, “how to hang it?” and then, people often move back from the plan.

Well, the answer is - getting hooks from a good American hook attachment manufacturer!

Why a good manufacturer? Because, that is how you ensure tight sealing and safety of your house.

  1. Easy shifting

With the iron hooks pinned into your ceiling plaster, the scope of shifting or relocating ceiling decors and commodities is nil. Therefore, if someone makes the wise choice to use American hooks, he will have that flexibility to renovate, install or relocate things.

Amidst all these conveniences, one must remember one thing- buying these American hook accessories only from reliable manufacturers is mandatory.

Remember you are hanging heavy weight items without plaster. If the hooks are not sturdy, stainless and ergonomically designed, then safety issues are likely to arise. You definitely don’t want things randomly falling off your ceiling!

So, choose smart and make your household chores hassle-free!

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