How to Make Money and Earn Residual Income with Uberant

Posted by admin on September 21st, 2010

Making money on Uberant is really incredibly easy and representative of a system that works on a system based where ?Our success is your success? rather than ?Your success is our success?. Given, this methodology does work but in the grand scheme of things, we want to enable you to setup an income stream that will pay you for many years to come, not just for a single pay period.

Really, it is truly difficult to find another program that will pay you based on the success of the service itself. In this case, Uberant has almost re-invented the wheel and maybe one of the few places you are likely to find online where you can find a true team-based income opportunity. This article gives in-depth information on how you can quickly begin establishing a lifetime residual income payments that you will be able to count on for many years to come.

  • Publishing Articles - Every article you publish on Uberant generates affiliate links. Every time a reader visits one of these links, you get paid. It?s as easy as that. So let?s say you publish 100 articles. In time, all of your articles will be indexed by major search engines who in turn will send you targeted readers to visit your affiliate links.
  • Not all articles are created equal ? Some articles you publish will receive a few readers and others could receive hundreds, even thousands of page views per day. Achieving a top listing in a popular keyword phrase is not an exact science but can make or break you as a writer. Don?t get discouraged, keep publishing your work and you will surely be noticed.
  • Maintaining a Daily Blog ? Maintaining a daily blog and posting short entries may be the best way to attract readers from search engines. Blog entries can be short and personal, so you don?t need to dedicate as much time publishing your page. However, if your information is not useful or entertaining, readers will not likely stick around to read your entries or visit your sponsor links.
  • Creating Link Lists and Top Sites ? This is a guaranteed way to attract visitors to your sites and ultimately increase pageviews to your sponsor ads. Top site lists can be very popular and attract literally thousands of visitors to them each and every day. Normally, these are viewed as a transitional page between one website and another allowing websites of a similar nature to exchange more traffic than they normally could with a single text link. By maintaining the link list for them, you become the middle man and earn advertising money from the traffic they exchange.
  • Referring Members to Uberant ? This just might be the best long-term way to make money on Uberant. Though it is important to maintain an established profile by publishing articles, blogs, and link lists, referring members to ?berant can have its perks. When you make personal referrals (remember, you can refer anyone) you a guaranteed to earn money whether they publish and information or not. When they signup, a personal profile is created and affiliate ads are automatically embedded. You earn 5% on these ads so the more people you refer, the better your chances to make a lot of money. Inspiring a down line of 50 members to publish content could be far more effective than by trying to do all that work on your own!
  • Permanence in Publishing ? Don?t forget this, the work you publish on Uberant is permanent for as long as you choose it to be. The more work you publish, the more of your affiliate links that are published, the more money you are likely to make.
  • Achieving a Hand?s Free Income ? It is possible to achieve your goals and set yourself up to earn hand?s free residual income, however like anything, it?ll likely take some effort. Referring members and publishing as much content to your account as possible is likely to put you on the path to achieving your goals.

These are a few ideas and insights on how you can begin creating a long-term reliable income with Uberant. The most important thing to remember just might be that you are working as a team. Readers attracted to Uberant by member (a) are likely to also read works by members (b) (c) and (d) and vice-versa.


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