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Posted by AngeloEverton on October 22nd, 2011

 Champix is a drug which most use on a weekly basis for around fourteen days. When you get the first pack, you would receive tablets in dosages of 0.5mg and even 1mg. they would be colored in white and in blue to know which is which. Hence you wouldn’t be confused when using the pack the first time. Doctors recommend the drug week wise and today we would like to tell you more about it, so please read on and be well informed for the same. In the first week, for the first three days, Champix should be taken (white 0.5mg) once every day. From day four to day seven, one 0.5mg twice everyday should be taken morning and night regularly.

When you reach the second week, which is from day eight until day fourteen, 1mg Champix which is blue in color should be taken twice daily, one after breakfast and one after dinner, say doctors. In the weeks ahead, which is from the third to the twelfth week, the drug should be taken twice daily (1mg blue) till the end and that would be the final phase of the treatment using Champix, say doctors.

When the twelve weeks of treatment is on and if you have given up the nicotine habit for good, you may still hear your doctor asking you to use Champix for another twelve more weeks. The reason why he asks you to do so is simple, to help you not want to smoke again for a longer time. For the remaining time, the doctor would ask you to stick with the 1mg Champix tablets which should be taken once in the morning and once at night, which means two times every day for the next twelve weeks.

This is what the experts say is the normal dosage treatment for those who would like to use Champix to quit smoking for good. The drug shouldn’t be taken on empty stomach and ensure that a whole glass of water is consumed with the drug. If you happen to miss a course, don’t double do it, just carry on normally with the treatment and ensure you don’t miss it again ahead. The drug, Champix is known to have helped smokers quit the poisonous stick for good; however, it doesn’t come without any side effects.

Those who have used Champix have faced headaches, sleep disorders, have had weird dreams, felt dizzy, weak, have suffered from irregular bowels, felt bloated, had indigestion issues, increase flatulence, felt dry in their mouth, felt nauseous, faced terrible stomach issues, ate a lot, and found their taste buds go haywire. Some rare side effects seen using Champix would be tremors in the body, tension of muscles, body not coordinating normally, chest pains, vision blurred, heartbeats abnormal, eye pain, eye vision distortations, light sensitivity, bloody pukes, bloody stools, pain in the abdominals, mouth ulcers, skin issues etc.

We would like to inform you that although we have given you enough information here on Champix, we still insist that you consult your family doctor before taking the medicine to quit smoking. The doctors words would any day take precedence over what is written here and this article on Champix is for informational requirements only.

Champix is the medication which helps to quit smoking. Go ahead and buy Champix online today.

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