4 Risks Security Guards Can Always Face In Their Line of Duty

Posted by Guardian Eagle Security on November 30th, 2017

There are people who are known to shy off from the security guard profession just due to the type of risks involved. According to recent statistics, 30% of people in the US are said to shy from this profession due to the types of risks involved.
Being in the field of security entails a lot and can mean different things to different people. The security guard profession is considered to be a challenging, rewarding field which is also satisfying in a number of ways. For people who have some sort of police or military training, the security guard profession can mean a lot and such people are known to have pride in doing such work. One of the main jobs of any security guard professional is to help monitor and protect products, people and buildings at times which have been allocated for them. The work of a security guard can also entail safeguarding people at a social event or helping in providing security at a festival or a concert. Their job can also include protecting a business premise including all its assets against any type of robbery or theft.
For the security guards to get employed they need to possess many skills and they have to remain vigilant at all times. They have to be well built at all times and alert all through and have to ensure whatever they are guarding is secure and safe. However, the guards are known to encounter several risks when in line of duty. Listed below are four main types of risks most security guards do encounter in their line of duty.
1.Risk of Physical Exhaustion
Most of the secure guard services will always require their guards to remain standing all the times. This might cause their health condition to deteriorate. This makes them at risk of altering their condition of health which is caused by the long standing hours and the need to remain alert at all times.
2.The Risk of Carrying Arms
The security guards will always be required to carry arms such as pistol and other weapons since their job will always demand them to do so. For instance, any guard who has been hired to protect a bank will always have a firearm with him. This is very risky to him and it is advisable that he or she knows when the right time to use it is. The guards with fire arms should never allow any other person to get too close to him or her.
3.Risk of Getting Injured
There are guards who are always known to work in events such as in live concerts and performances where they will always be required to offer protection to a celebrity and also help in controlling the crowd. There are situations where some over excited or enthusiastic fans try to harm a celebrity or even cause some form of violence. It is important for the security guard to ensure he or she keeps cool and not to react until such as point where such an incidence gets out of control.
4.The Risk of Being Misjudged
There is usually lots of riding to security guard officials. There are times when they might be misunderstood by the general public when trying to control a situation or use some force to try maintaining discipline or conducting a check. There have been cases where the general public has wrongfully accused security guards landing them in trouble.
The duties of a security guard is never easy and filled with a lot of risks. In fact, they entail a lot of responsibility and come with lots of risks which they have to face in their line of duty. However, it is considered by some to be a very rewarding job.
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