Improving the appearance of scar tissue with scar removal surgery

Posted by Theestheticclinic on November 30th, 2017

To the outside world, hidden scars are manageable affairs, but explicit scars that occur on the most unlikely places are a thing of worry. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of these explicit scars and get relieved of the embarrassment by undergoing effective scar removal surgeries. This article will explain why scars really are a thing of the past and not a matter of worry now.

Why and how do scars get formed?

Scars form as a part of the wound repair and healing process forming a layer of fibrous tissues that look and feel different than other surrounding tissues. Most wounds, except for very minor ones, result in some degree of scarring. Scars form with indefinite shape and colour which makes them look unappealing.

Types of scars and appropriate treatment

Atrophic Scars are flat scars that are sunken against the upper layer of the skin which is also considered as hyper pigmentation. Sometimes such a type of scarring is considered hyper pigmentation (skin discolouration that fades over time). Atrophic scars are usually caused by tissue damage. It can be treated by Dermabrasion where a vacuum tube scrapes away the top layer of the skin. Mild laser treatments are also suggested for atrophic scars depending upon the intensity.

Hypertrophic Scars This is an exact opposite to Atrophic scars where the scars are often raised above the skin layer. These are caused by production of excess collagen in the body. Hypertrophic scars do not have any exclusive treatment methods. But treatments like Corticosteroid treatments (injecting a steroid into scars periodically), Cryotherapy (scar freezing and flattering) etc., are preferred by surgeons.

Keloid Scars are caused by aggressive healing of deep wounds and have flesh colour. These scars look smooth or lumpy, feel hard and are commonly found on the chest, shoulder etc. Keloid scars are not harmful and may grow continually depending upon the lifestyle and exposure. Keloids are treatable by cosmetic methods like radiation therapy, using pressure or silicone pads. Moisturizing oils can be used to soften the scar tissue.

Stretch Marks also known as striae, are scars formed when the skin is stretched more than the critical stretchable point. Conditions like obesity, pregnancy, puberty or short term weight gain for body building can cause stretch marks. These are cosmetic conditions without any medical problems and can be treated by exclusive OTC creams, lotions and stretch mark removal products. In rare cases, laser is suggested to remove stretch marks.

Contractures are scars formed due to sever skin burns. The healing of burnt skin forms scars that can tighten skin and sometimes hinder movement. Contractures may affect deeper level of skins and sometimes affect underlying muscles and nerves. Contracture scar removal usually involves invasive surgery with high levels of planning and supervision. These are handled by expert dermatologists.

Although there are complications in removal of scars, it is not a far distant reality that it used to be like before. The advancements in Scar revision surgeries have paved way for individuals to remove the scars and the embarrassment of having it. Choosing the right specialist and right treatment method is very significant in treating scars.

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