Benefits of Having a Charging Station at Work Place for Employees

Posted by Ainsley Aiken on December 1st, 2017

The availability of charging station installed at the work place offers employees with a lot of convenience. First and foremost benefit is that you can motivate your employees to make use of advanced technology. You can also motivate and encourage them to maintain a pollution free environment. With increasing pollution on account of increasing vehicle number on the streets, the government has been encouraging people to use green vehicles.

You can read more about electric vehicle charges & installation online on other websites. Electric vehicles are considered as the best alternatives to fuel powered vehicle. It does not pollute the environment and is also more economical.

Installing charging station at your workplace

Before you think of installing an electric charging station at your work place, you may have to conduct a brief survey at the workplace. It is important to collect prior information from your employees about their point of view. You have to make them understand how this change could benefit them.

  • Low impact on emission – Deliver the message of reduced impact of electric engine on our environment. Speak about the importance of maintaining low emission in the environment and its benefits on our health.
  • Benefits at workplace–You can speak to your employees about the effects of electric power charging station on greenhouse gases. You can also try and make a comparison with other forms of sustainable fuels.
  • Help build a green community – It is also ideal to speak to your employees about creating a green community. Let them understand how electric vehicle chargers installation can offer a certificate of green community to their workplace. To effectively implement the idea at the workplace, you also have to consult other authorities, including government, contractors, equipment suppliers, equipment installers, stakeholders, etc.

Charging point installation

To install charging point, you may need to install the source of electricity. You will have to first install a solar panel system or electric grid system. You also need to install a plug system that can be used for charging the vehicles. You have to install charging system at Level 1 and 2 and supercharger. Each type may need to be installed separately.

Before you get started with the installation process, you have to understand the overall cost that you may have to invest in installing it. Electric vehicle chargers & installation offers with benefit that in the long run it is considered as more cost effective as compared to traditional fuel stations.

We at Electrum Charging understand the need of Going-Green and therefore, we encourage you to shift to electric vehicles. You can visit our website at and collect more information related to electric chargers and the process of its installation.

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