Business mentoring: Add to business advice for a strong combination

Posted by LauraDerb on December 1st, 2017

In today's competitive and challenging business, everyone seeks an advantage, an advantage over the competition. In many cases, business people turn to business mentoring or business consulting to give them a competitive edge. But I wonder why you choose one or the other when you can choose and use both. The combination of business mentoring and business coaching gives incredible power to those who use both.

Yes, I know that I read the minds of the readers of this article and they wonder what is the difference between mentorship and coaching? One of the most important differentiations is the method of action. Business consultancy focuses on the individual, their career and their growth and maturity, while business consulting focuses on performance and development of specific skills. In addition, business guidance does not necessarily have a specific agenda, while vocational training will involve a lot of time spent on specific goals and objectives.

Business mentoring offers benefits like a sounding board to protect the student and can choose from the advice received. It also allows to learn from others' mistakes and success and is often free through organizations like Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) and others. A business mentor also brings a network of contacts of senior decision makers that could be a very valuable asset for protégé.

A business mentor in the widest sense will be a person who has a particular interest in helping you become a successful business professional. He or she will share their life experiences, wisdom and specific technical and professional experience, and the business mason will also grow personally when exposed to new ideas and perspectives for protégé. There are many potential gains from business advice and the risk is low to zero.

Business advisory and business advisory services are not the same and, in combination, provide an incredible benefit for all who have a positive relationship with both. I urge you to use both to help you be the best you can in everything you do in business.

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