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Posted by juliabennet on October 24th, 2011

Depending on which country you bought your iPhone 4, chances are that it is locked with contract from a single service provider. While there is no harm in having a contract with your iPhone, but chances are you will be limited by the provision of the contract. If you can buy an IBM or Mac computer and have the freedom to choose your internet service provider, then it is only fair that you can buy an iPhone 4 and choose the phone network you would like to subscribe to. That is why iPhone unlocking or jail breaking is 100% legal.

To unlock iPhone 4 is to disable its internal restrictions that prevent owners from using SIM cards from other networks. Even after unlocking your smart phone you are still able to use the original SIM contract that came with the iPhone 4. Limitations that come by when you visit a foreign country are also overcomed since in some countries the SIM automatically picks the carrier company that Apple entered into trade agreements with and so sometimes you are left with no choice but to operate with a provider that charges you more compared to other providers.

Other than the obvious reasons of having  the choice of changing your provider at any time if you have your iPhone unlocked, there many other benefits. Bottom line is you can just do a lot more with your smart phone when its unlocked or jailbreak. You can jailbreak and unlock any model and version of iPhone successfully without tampering  with the internal functions of the phone. Because of the high costs of the iPhone, most consumers believe they are actually getting their phone at a cheaper price, but come to think of it in the long run you actually get to pay more whether you get to use your phone or not you will still have to pay some money on the contract every month.     So having your phone unlocked gives you the chance to use another carrier that you are comfortable with, this way you are able to manage your phone budgets and even have the flexibility of separating your work or business calls costs from your personal calls.

Other than the obvious benefits that you get with having your iPhone 4 unlocked, you will be able to use your phone in many different ways. In other words you are able to enhance the capability of the phone by installing many more powerful applications, being able to share your files, since you wont have to change phones when you have to travel to a foreign country. You will be able to use the same phone all you will have to do is just change the SIM, that way you are able to manage your files well without having to move them back and forth to different phones. When it comes to costs again, when you have a locked phone, in case you travel to a foreign country, to receive calls you will be billed for roaming, and roaming services can be very expensive, depending on the country that you are using your phone.

When you unlock your iPhone 4 you do not loose any feature you have been using on your phone, instead you are able to install many more apps developed by third parties. For so long unlocking phones is a practice that has been left to experts. Especially if it involves opening up the phone or modifying the SIM card then you better leave it to professionals, but with iPhone unlocking solutions being easily available online today , anyone can do it these days.  When you jailbreak your iPhone you will be able to install apps that will allow you to share your internet connection with other Wi-Fi enabled mobiles devices. Jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone will give you more flexibility and features to enjoy and it is very easy if you use an iPhone unlocking software solution.

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