How Much Content Should I Put On My Website To Increase Its Search Engine Rankin

Posted by Ryan Justin on December 2nd, 2017

Content is an aspect whose positive effect on your website’s search engine rankings is undeniable. Content length and freshness are two crucial factors that determine its power to influence rankings.

Lengthy Content Increases Ranking

Recent studies show that content with over 1000+ words attracts a greater number of shares and links. Content that earned first page rankings had 750 words on an average.

Shorter Content Attracts Greater Reader Attention

An article of 500 words or lesser attracts web readers inclined to scan articles for key details. Content with information of value for readers ranks best in this category.

Vary the Word Count for Best Results

  • Maintain a minimal length of at least 300 words.
  • Vary the length of each piece of content according to web medium – keep your web page to less than 500 words. Target more than 600 words for your blog posts.
  • Hire an expert Warrington SEO company for best results.

Shelf Life of your Content

  • Content posted on a blog can be fresh for 2 years or more. Highly specialised content stays fresh for longer time periods. Use Warrington SEO content experts for best results.
  • Content posted on social networking websites such as Facebook has a very short span comparatively, say 2 to 3 hours.
  • You can increase the lifespan of content by choosing ever-fresh subjects related to search terms used by your target audience.
  • Updating posts regularly is another way to keep your content fresh. Include latest updates in the form of statistics, new product features, latest prices, discounts and offers, industry developments, and other such information.
  • Some other features of fresh content include:
    • Highly engaging
    • Accuracy with all latest details included
    • Reduced bounce rates

Why Fresh Content Matters?

  • Increases Indexing Frequency – When you refresh your website with updated web pages, downloads, newsletters, or other information resources, they capture search engine attention as search engines index pages with new information.

The more the frequent this activity, the more is the frequency of indexing. Increased indexing frequency elevates chances of top search engine ranking.

  • Creates More Keyword Opportunities – With more content comes the opportunity for adding more keywords. This increases chances of indexing and greater visibility on search engines.
  • Increases Chances of your Brand Becoming an Authority - The fresher the content, the greater the opportunities of your brand becoming a leading authority in your field.

With fresh news and information, you increase chances of your content being shared - a parameter used by search engines to rank your website.

  • Increases Reader Satisfaction – Regular updates keep your readers in the loop with all the latest information in your business and industry. With your audience getting the information it wants, reader satisfaction is increased, which decreases bounce rate – two factors crucial to greater search engine rankings.

Maintaining Content Impact – Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not compromise content quality for freshness and length.

If you are updating your website with low-quality content such as stuffed keywords, grammatically incorrect sentences, and information unrelated to the page content or search term, you are more likely to be penalised.

  • Place keywords naturally instead of stuffing them up in between sentences. You can always place keywords in page titles, image, and meta tags and descriptions.
  • Do not make changes just for the sake of adding updates. Avoid changes as frequent as every hour in a day.
  • Do update your website or blog once every day. If this is not possible, a frequency of 2-3 times every weekScience Articles, should be enough to keep your website fresh.
  • Consider value-adding updates such as including:
    • Articles
    • Images
    • Statistics

The best way to make your content work for you is to hire a professional Warrington SEO agency. You get the peace of mind of having experts for the job who will get the results.

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