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Posted by adairsawyer on October 25th, 2011

Nearly 10% of all people in the United States suffer from a dental disorder known as bruxism.  This disorder is best characterized by the grinding or clenching of one’s teeth.  This generally takes place during the night when the person suffering from the disorder is sleeping and is unable to control their actions.   A person who suffers from Austin bruxism may experience a wide variety of symptoms that can be very troublesome to their teeth and general health.

Symptoms that can point to a person suffering from the Austin bruxism disorder may include but are not be limited to chipped teeth, flattened teeth, fractured teeth, grinding or clenching noises while sleeps, headaches, migraines, sensitive teeth, tooth pain, tight jaws, pain in the jaws.

General damage to the teeth is the first sign of a person suffering from this condition.  This is because most people are not aware that they are suffering from the disorder.  The exact cause of bruxism can be due to several different reasons.  Most of the time, it is caused due to stress or anxiety.  Additionally, it can also be hereditary.   Medically it is caused when the jaw joints are not properly aligned.

When it comes to Austin bruxism symptoms a person must seek out the guidance and expertise of a specialist.  One such specialist that can be relied on is Austin Laser Dentist.  The head of this organization, Dr. Helen Ragsdale DDS has years of proven experience when it comes to diagnosing bruxism Austin symptoms, and has equal years of experience in treating the disorder.

Once in the hands of Dr. Helen Ragsdale you will be examined to determine if you are experiencing bruxism Austin symptoms.  She will survey your mouth to determine if any of the above signs are present.  If so she will provide you with a plan of action to quickly rectify the situation.   In most cases a sleep guard will be provided that will give you relief while sleeping.  This sleep guard will also protect your teeth from becoming worn down or damaged as a result of bruxism Austin symptoms that you may be experiencing.

In addition to the use of a sleep guard, bruxism Austin symptoms can be greatly controlled with a few simple "at home care" tips.  These bruxism Austin home care tips include but are not limited to stopping chewing gum and hard foods and sweets, and not biting on ones fingernails or other hard items such as pens and pencils.  Additionally Austin bruxism symptoms can also be controlled by consuming more water during the day and getting adequate amounts of sleep.

Additional Austin bruxism symptoms can be controlled by simple massages to the neck, face, and shoulders.  In fact, massages are one of the best ways to eliminate common pains caused by this condition. 

When it comes to bruxism you don't have to suffer lifelong pain.  With the unique and affordable services offered by Austin Laser Dentist, you can acquire the services that you need without overpaying for simple procedures.

To be able to control your Austin bruxism symptoms, you need to get the right help. At Austin Laser Dentist you can get the help you need with your bruxism Austin.

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