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Posted by adairsawyer on October 25th, 2011

Malayalam is a South Indian language. It is the official language of the state Kerala. Including a huge number of people of Kerala around 36 million people converse in this language. Even a large number of people of Kerala who are working in countries such as UAE, Malaysia, speak in Malayalam language. On the other hand Oriya is the language of eastern India and this is the official language of Orissa. The result that has come out from a survey that around 83% of local population in this lingo.

Nowadays so many people are interested to learn Malayalam and learn Oriya and for that they need to get the required information about the course and procedure. It is quite challenging to learn Malayalam. Though it is not so important language that one must know it but in case of traveling to south India it is good for one to know Malayalam and it also enlarges once horizon of knowledge. One can start to learn Malayalam can be done in so many ways such as though English, Tamil. It is not useful to learn Malayalam only by reading but listening is very important to get the language properly as Malayalam pronunciation is completely different from the languages we generally communicate in. Observation is also very important to learn Malayalam. Malayalam contains the largest number of alphabets. 

There are some institutes who provide who provide some native teachers to teach Malayalam even online and they take care of students’ convenience and satisfaction. Another language the most of the people want to grip up is Oriya. Oriya is an Indo-Aryan language and closely related to Bengali and it is not so tough for people who belong to Bengali lingo to learn Oriya. From the Kalinga script the Oriya was developed. There are some remarkable features of Oriya language and that helps the students to learn Oriya. The features are as

1.            There is a special writing system in Oriya i.e. syllabic alphabet wherein all consonants hold an innate vowel. Diacritics, which can emerge below, above, after, before the consonant where they belong to are made use of to alter the inbuilt vowel.

2.            When they emerge on the syllable start, vowels are printed as independent letters.

3.            It is written in left to right direction.

There are also some institutes that provide native teachers from whom the student’s can learn Oriya. One can learn Oriya online but in that case he/she cannot face to face communicate with each other but it has an advantage that in case of online study the student need not go out of home and he/she can learn the language freely and comfortably sitting at couch. People who belong from the Malayalam or Oriya lingo generally need not learn it but people do not belong from the particular vernacular need to learn these languages. Specially students who want to go for south India or East India need to learn these languages in order to communication convenience. Also tourist feel a badly need of knowing these languages.

Here the information to learn Malayalam and learn Oriya has been given. If someone is looking for farther information can visit to our website.

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