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Posted by adairsawyer on October 25th, 2011

Thai is the national language of Thailand and Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. In fact Urdu is an extensively spoken language in all over India where as in some countries it is used as an official language. But it is quite ambiguous with the national language of India and the influence of Persian, Arabic, and Turkic has also some influence on this verbal communication. A very natural question arises in this topic is how to learn Thai and how to learn Urdu?  Thai is actually a different form of English or other far-off language. Before one start to learn Thai one must keep in mind that it is basically a tonal verbal communication. The Thai language uses alphabets that are unlike other foreign alphabets. In Thai alphabet one can find 42 consonants and more than 9 vowels and it has different uses as well as in using different consonants which make the same sound , to indicate tones using tone marks, and to change the tonal vowel use of silent consonant.

The procedure to learn Thai goes through some basics such as how this sounds, how to write in Thai, which tone to be used and how to make sentences and words by this. there exists some institutes that provide highly skilled native teachers and experts of Thai language who help to learn Thai language and impart their skills to the students. Some of them also provide the relevant timetable according to the students’ convenience. Similarly one can start to learn Urdu, must need required information about the course. Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language prejudiced by Sanskrit, Arabic, Turkic, and Persian lingo. Urdu is written in an unique style i.e. where in generally most of the languages are written from left to right direction the Urdu is written from right to left direction. Urdu accent is absolutely different from that of other and that is why the students willing to learn Urdu   should imitate the native instructor.

People who are interested to learn Urdu must pay their concentration to the distinction between aspirated and aspirated consonants. Urdu has some sound differentiation for which it is required to articulate all vowels and consonants clearly. There are some institutes that teach Urdu language with taking the students’ relevance in account and emphasizes on interactive Skype based knowledge. Thus people can learn Thai and Urdu in their preferred institutes following their services.

In this section one can find so many information about the benefit to learn Thai and learn Urdu. But if someone is searching for more other information about it can freely check out our website.

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