Why SEO takes time, let?s understand the secret

Posted by Brainmine on December 4th, 2017

What is annoying you the most? Is it the invoice received from the SEO company in Birmingham you hired a few months ago?

You signed the contract quite enthusiastically with an anticipation of reaping the benefits of high traffic by reaching the top of the Google ranking.

However, to your dismay, nothing has moved an inch; except the expenditure on SEO!

Well, if only a few months have passed and you share the same story, then it is quite normal and natural.

Do not hound the SEO team. Don’t bother about the money going into SEO activities. And don’t start looking at the ranking figures.

Even if you hire one of the best seo services in Birmingham, it will take some time to see the results.

Let the things get established!

Why do you need to give so much time for SEO to give results?

Yes, it is the question you must ask while hiring SEO service provider. It should be in the position to tell you the rationale.

Like any other marketing, digital marketing is also quite complex, uncertain and dependent on external parameters.

When you sign the agreement with the Digital Marketing agency in Birmingham, it starts looking into the industry and market you are into.

The team gets busy in analysis and assessment of the market. It looks into your website and starts modifying it to make it visible to the search engine.

If required, it revamps the design, layout, presentation, and content.

Even after that, you do not see a significant increase in the website ranking and footfall. It is because Google also takes some time to notice the changes made by you.

Last, and not the least, user behavior also takes some time to change. Visitors will discover that you have revamped the website after some time.

Therefore, don’t keep unworkable expectations for the SEO process. Give it some time to mature.

But, how long should you wait?

Normally you get the estimation of three to six months from the SEO company in Birmingham while signing the contract. It is not a realistic estimate indeed.

Six to twelve month is a more accurate and practical estimation. If it is so, then why do seo services in Birmingham do not tell it upfront, because clients don’t like it.

Several variables play their role in establishing the SEO rank, and each of them is important.

  • Keywords relevant to your website
  • Relevance of the content concerning the keywords
  • Domain of your website
  • Website design
  • Demography of your business
  • Average time user stay on your website
  • Social media presence
  • Competitive websites and their web presence

When the Digital Marketing agency in Birmingham accepts the assignment, it is well aware of these parameters.

If you are a sensible client, then you always get realistic timelines. You do not get frustrated with the SEO performance because you know when to expect the results.

Good quality SEO can take your business to great heights. What you need is a little patience!

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