Testone Offers Car Handle & Clutch-Pack Durability Testing Machine

Posted by Testone on December 5th, 2017

Testone, the leading testing machine manufacturer in South Korea offers wide range of industrial purpose testing instruments to ensure the durability of the product.

Environmental Car Handle Testing Machine

This tester is to evaluate the environmental durability of the car door Handle. - The high-accuracy and high-durability are adopted a servo motor drive system. - A data acquisition and analysis are facilitated by using a dedicated Software.


  • Number of test - 1,000,000 cycle
  • Test methods - Door pull test, sliding test, sliding malfunction test, Pulling malfunction test
  • Main Body - Steel Case
  • Driving System - AC Servo Motor System, AC Servo Motor & Reducer (Japan), Ball Screw (Japan) Type
  • Control - Motion Control, Software, Displacement control, Load control, Timer, count, Load, Distance & etc.
  • Load control -Load Cell, Displacement control-Servo –Servo motor Encoder (or potentiometer, Proximity sensor & etc.
  • Computer System - (Monitor, Main body) 19”Rack STD
  • Operation Temp - -40 ~ 120
  • Operation Humidity - 30 ~ 95 %
  • Safety Device - Emergency Stop, Limit (Load, Stroke), Power Breaker
  • Power - AC200V, 60Hz
  • Load Cell - 100kgf 5 EA

Clutch-Pack Durability Testing Machine

The tester is a high performance device designed to test the clutch durability by implementing a high response speed and adopting the hydraulic valve is a device capable of high-speed test.

Controlled by computer and can be a variety of tests to reference the various waveforms. Feedback Control method in a precise static tests, dynamic tests are available, and the user of the computer-controlled Safety and ease of use, precision, designed to increase durability


  • Test Chamber - Material: SUS304
  • Temp. Range - RT ~ 120
  • Tem. Accuracy - ± 2 at 120
  • Pressure Capacity - 50 bar
  • Control Type - Hydraulic Servo Valve
  • Test Speed - Max 5 Hz
  • Cooling System - Water Cooling System
  • Motor - Hydraulic Pump
  • Leak Flow Measurement - 1 ~ 300 cc
  • Safety Device - Emergency Stop, Limit (Pressure, Over Temp.)
  • Main Power - 380 V 3 P
  • Weight - About 3 ton

Are you looking for Servo hydraulic universal testing machine? Testone one of the leading plastic testing instruments manufacturer in Korea offer various type of universal testing machine. For more details contact testone@testone.co.kr / oversea1@testone.co.kr

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